Pay It Forward 2015 – Chykaboo

I love this time of the month as it when I get to be inspired by wonderful handmade fabulousness through my “Pay it Forward” initiative. This month is the utterly gorgeous Chykaboo. A stunning baby and kids decor brand based in the UK.  Since I first saw the name “Chykaboo” I have been intrigued by it and I have wanted to discover more about its maker, Louise, her story and divine products.

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The Offbits

As you know from reading this blog, I adore Kickstarter and crowd funding sites that help to provide financial support as well as a strong community to help people realise their dreams.

I am also always intrigued and fascinated by new toys and new concepts, one such company doing just that are “The Offbits”, a super cool open source toy in the form of robots! Based out of Tel Aviv, this is their second Kickstarter campaign aimed at making their little robot creations more accessible to all.

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Modern Day Princess Gift Guide

With the royal baby Princess now born and as we eagerly await her name, I thought I would do a little gift guide for the very modern Princess!

Modern day princess gift guide 4

1. Tough Cookie Store – Pink Crown AUS $30.00

2. Zilvi wooden wall word art AUSD $25.00

3. Hubble and Duke romper AUSD $65.00

4. Babee and Me Alphabet handmade cloth book AUS $300.00

5. LexyPexy Wooden teether “The Harlan” USD $25.00

6. Hubble and Duke Ballet Moccasins in Gold Rush – AUSD $45.00

7. Nor-Folk white tee, seeing as though the Princess will grow up in Norfolk £20.00

8. Yarning Made baby blanket AUSD $215.00

9.Luna and the Boy Royal Roundie AUS $39.00