Toy of the month – January 2016

Happy 2016 and happy new “toy of the month”! I know happy New Year gets tired after about the 10th day of January, but as it’s my first toy review for the year, I wanted to wish you much love and joy for the year ahead.

So this month’s toy review is rather an interesting one. It intrigued me when I was first told about it and I wanted to learn more and see how it would work. The concept is something a bit different, a bit special, a little unique and something all parents need at one point int their children’s lives….

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Back to School essentials

I am so in holiday mode at the moment that I hadn’t appreciated how quickly the weeks have passed and that school starts back next week. I had it in my head that J was heading back next Friday and I only found out yesterday from a school mum, that in fact they go back on Wednesday!!

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Kids Gifts and Toys turns 2!

This month my blog turns 2!  Yippee, crack open the champagne! I am so excited to have made it this far and really it seems a lifetime away when I first started whilst living in Germany. My blog provided me with a passion and an outlet to share my love of all things kids as well as keep me company in a new country.  I am so happy to have you join me along the way! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I never realised how many late nights ( usually 5 out 7 each week) I would do to fulfill my passion. But you don’t get anywhere in life without hard work and sleepless nights! But enough about me already, I am hosting an AMAZING giveaway of some of my all time fave Australian brands who are joining me in my Birthday celebrations. Check out my Instagram page to find out how you enter.

Kids gifts and toys turns 2 loop image - updated

1.      @kidsgiftsandtoys – $30 paypal voucher & Sack Me reversible Pasta Amore double quilt worth $69

2.      @scoolbikes – pedex pirate balance bike worth $229

3.      @zilvi – store credit worth $30

4.      @littlemisselisa – Minimel Miss Panda Pillow worth $39

5.      @captainco.tasmania – hand painted yarn wrapped antler worth $85

6.      @mint_rhapsody – citrus hex boxes worth $95

7.      @inkibabinki – store credit worth $20

8.      @thesmallesttribe – summer confetti tee charcoal worth $45

9.      @jetsettingkids – “ I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” t-shirt worth $25

10.   @wildandwhimsicalthings – store credit worth $30

11.   @twolittleducklings – store credit worth $50

12.   @dearlittledesigns – personalised wooden letterbox worth $60

13.   @noc_noc_wooden_toys – store credit worth $20

14.   @o_ninekidz – $25 worth store credit + shipping

15.   @finleeandme – store credit worth $25

16.   @peanutandmuscles – store credit worth $25 plus $5 shipping

17.   @petitpapercrowns – Coeee plate worth $25.95

18.   @henrypipanddee – store credit worth $50

19.   @fromageiscool – Cloud Marquee light worth $169


Making it happen! 

It is that time of year again, the new year has started and I like to reflect back on the past year and its achievements, adventures, successes and tribulations. Importantly, I like to also look to the year ahead and the hope and dreams of a new year.  I tend not to write to many new year’s resolutions as the old, “lose weight”, “eat less”, “exercise more” gets a little tired and usually I succeed for the first few weeks and then, it gets forgotten…

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