Wooden Toys – made in the USA

I wrote a blog feature last month all about Australian Wooden toys and I am very exciting to start looking around the world at what other countries makers and creators are designing and producing for our children in terms of sustainable heirloom wooden toys.

This month, we travel to the grand ol USA! And gosh there is so much going on here, it was really hard to make a decision on the curated goodness coming out of the US. I think I will need to do another one very soon.

Get in contact via my blog, Twitter or Instagram and tell me some of  your favourite handmade wooden toys,  so I can showcase them here on Kids Gifts and Toys.

In the meantime, please take a look at some truly beautiful, handmade wooden toys designed and made in the USA:



  1. The Whimsical Sweet – Rainbow peg doll and city block set approx $134.00
  2. Bannor Toys Wooden hot rod toy car  approx $21.15
  3. Abby Jac Kokeshi doll – Hope approx $70.20
  4. Bokah Blocks  Ultimate Backpack set approx $206.50
  5. The Twig Co Flex Toy camera approx $83.50
  6. Applenamos Moon & Star TIC TAC TOE GAME approx $27.00
  7. Imagination Kids wooden vegetable play food approx $42.30
  8.  Rock and Pebble Toto the Toy totem, available in Australia at Wild and WhimsicalThings $49.95
  9. Mama Made Them wooden mail truck  approx $17.00

Stay tuned for more wondrous wooden toys from around the world including Australian wooden toys and in the meantime check out my Pinterest board for some gorgeous finds.


  1. Chris October 31, 2016

    Thanks for a useful list of wooden toy suppliers 😉

    • Liz November 7, 2016

      So glad you liked my post and found it helpful. Your comment made my day. Thank you!

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