What is this blog about?

I realised that  as I rebuild my site, I need to provide some explanation to you, my readers, as to why I started to write this blog and why I decided to come back for round no 2!

My main aim on this site is to provide you with some of the most awesome toy finds, brilliant gift inspirations and stunning fashion labels that are on the market today. I may also occasionally write about mama things, life in general, travel and more.

Some are well established and with good reason, others are new, upcoming and seriously exciting and you need to know about them!

Others still are handmade and I think at the moment, it is this area that is the most impressive to me. I am in awe at the creativity, detail, passion and dedication people are putting in to their products. They are mainly mothers usually stay at home who are rediscovering their inner talents and creating some seriously incredible products.

Most of all I adore giving gifts. I love seeing the faces of my children, friend’s children and family light up when they open up a present. I am known by my friends for always remembering birthdays, even when I lived overseas. I just like giving and hence I LOVE finding the BEST gifts that are suited to the individual.

However, I also like to know a little about the gift before buying especially if it is expensive, so this is why I started this site. I want to provide meaningful reviews to help you decide on a gorgeous and unique gift for your little one.

The fact that I have started this blog again from scratch, just shows how much I love and adore what I do. It gives me an outlet as well as letting me take care of my kids. I can’t believe that I have lost the last 9 months and actually even more, as I started the blog in September last year with my first post. So I have lost a year of my life all zip, gone, whoosh in a spam bomb attack! But I love what I do, I want to keep doing it and it is something that for the first time in my life, makes me happy. I am finally after 34 years following my original dream of becoming a writer and realising that the inner voice inside has finally been awakened and has a platform.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, I would say that it takes up a lot of time. I never realised or appreciated how much time blogging takes up when I first started out. I thought it would be oh so easy! My nights from 8pm- 11pm or later are spent on this blog, researching, reviewing, writing, editing and posting content pretty much 5-6 nights a week. I also spend my son’s nap time blogging and 2 days as of October, are now dedicated to blogging whilst my youngest goes to day care. I want to make this blog a reality, a life changing experience, a career that I love and want to continue with for a long time.

If you want to start a blog, I would say write about something you love as you will have to write about it and spend time away from your bed, your hubby, your family and it takes dedication if you really want to make it something. But if you love something enough, you will be happy to do this! Dream Big is my motto! And if you are reading this, then it can be yours too.

Going forward

As you know by now I lost my original site last month but I am busy re-writing up posts from some of my favourite “Toy of the week” posts now converted to “Toy of the month”. I have decided to discontinue with the rating system as I found it too restrictive and let’s face it most of the toys I reviewed were 8+ or more! I have also changed to a more free flowing way of review rather than the structured pieces I was writing. Let me know what you prefer?!

You will be seeing random posts therefore popping up as I get the time to re-write them so I do apologise now for the randomness but I hope you find them informative, fun and inspiring! Christmas is less than 9 weeks away so I hope to get you lots of gift guides out in the coming weeks to help inspire you to pick some brilliant, fun, educational, stylish toys for your children this Christmas.

Thanks again for staying with me and supporting my blog. I adore you guys! IMG_8113

What happened…

Hi and welcome! You may have been here before but it all looks a little different this time around? Well have no fear, it is still Kids Gifts and Toys but in a new and improved site.

So where to begin…my name is Liz and I started blogging in earnest back in January 2014. I had a great little blog at this same site that I had built up over the past 9 months filled with brilliant ideas for Kids birthday gifts, Kids fashion, Kids rooms and more. But about 3 weeks ago, I killed my site. All completely accidental but through a hapless and stupid mistake by me, as a result of my site being hit by a Spambomb attack,  I lost everything.  It was the second time I was hacked in a matter of weeks, bad luck some might say, or I may have been specifically targeted for no apparent reason or it may just be and this is the likeliest of cases that my site was just so weak in terms of security that it made it an easy target for hackers. So I did some research and I hope that my new site is much stronger and more hack proof than before. Only time will tell… So first things first if you ever think of starting a wordpress blog, make sure it is secure in terms of random passwords, and updated/backed up regularly!

Why? Because I thought I had backed up my blog but I can’t seem to find the back ups anywhere. So secondly, if you are thinking of starting a blog, always back up, back up, back up, back up,  your content and site!!

This all happened less than 48 hours before the removalists were due to arrive to pack up our lives to ship it back from Germany to Australia. Great timing huh! But they say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

To be honest, I don’t think I have had time yet to process the fact that I have lost hours and days that I have dedicated to my blog this year, that I will never get back. I am beyond gutted but I don’t want to just give up and give in. I could just stop blogging and be done with it. Move on and get a real job you say?! But I honestly love what I do too much and for the first time in my life, I am enjoying my work and following a teenage dream of being a writer.  I don’t want to be defeated as it is certainly not a philosophy I would teach my 2 boys so instead I am going to come back better, sleeker and more hack proof than ever before.

Stay tuned for a new website launching very soon and I hope you will join me for Kids, Gifts and Toys, take 2!