Blog me happy

Blog me happy – Four Cheeky Monkeys

Yay it’s Tuesday and another feature on an utterly inspiring and down right lovely blogger, Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys.

I have adored Ness and her interior styling from afar for oh so long, I would see her pictures reposted all over Instagram and wonder where these amazing kids rooms where coming from. Her photography brings out the beauty in her children and their rooms.

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Blog me happy – Captain + Co

There are many beautiful words to sum up the gorgeousness that is Kim from Captain + Co but it comes down to 5 main words – loving, clever, generous, kind, and hilariously funny! Ok that might be 5.5 words!  This lady continually has me in hysterics whenever I read her blog. Kim writes with wit, realism and truth about life as a mum to 2 beautiful girls, balancing a small business, battling PND, dealing with copy cats and so much more.

I am so thrilled as Kim is my “blogger behind the brand” for this week’s Blog me happy feature! I have adored her since we met in person back in 2014 and I have delighted in her journey as she whipped up a storm of pom poms, antlers and felted delights for Captain + Co. She was a champion of small business and built up a HUGE following in such a short space of time.

Then she did the unthinkable… Kim shut up her seriously popular shop this year, despite a legion of fans and customers. But was it really the unthinkable when she had 2 babes under 2? Or was it actually the best thing at the right time? Read on to find out.

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Blog me happy – MeOhMy

Apologies for the lack of “Blog me Happy” last week but this week we are back with a look at one utterly inspiring and brilliant blogger behind the brand, Siobhan Rennie from MeOhMy.

I have followed Siobhan and loved reading her blog for more than a year now and what  I like the most is that Shiv likes to keep it real. She doesn’t make parenting all pretty and sugar coated. She tells it like it is but without being judgmental. Many of her blog articles about anxietybreastfeeding, and making the hard decision to go back to work have resonated with myself and so many other mums in Australia and around the world.

She has chosen a wonderful tribe of blog contributors to the “MeOhMy” fold over the past year and has nurtured a gorgeous supportive Instagram and blog community who cheer her and other mums on, supporting each other and sharing kindness rather than opinions.

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Blog me happy – Jetsetting Kids

I am beyond excited this week to feature one of my first insta blogger buddies, Paula from Jetsetting Kids for my second instalment of “Blog me happy”. Paula and I connected on Instagram over our passion and love for travelling! And we have been great friends ever since.

Her blog and Instagram feed is filled with amazing travel tips and hints as well as features on beautiful hotels, resorts and super fun travelling activities for kids. She has built a truly wonderful Instagram community where mamas share travel tips, ask her for advice on travel destinations or share amusing travel anecdotes! I love that Paula also keeps it real with some hilarious mama jokes and memes to keep you smiling on her Instagram feed.

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Blog me happy – Teacher Types

As part of a new series on my blog, “Blog me happy” I wanted to share with you my lovely readers, some of my favourites bloggers and give you a little insight into their lives, passions and their inspirations.

I am really excited about this new series and I cannot wait to inspire you as you get to know these hardworking, wonderful bloggers from around the world.

Why “Blog me happy” you ask? Mainly because blogging makes me happy, it makes these bloggers happy and finding new amazing blogs makes me happy. So it is just a big happiness blogger fest!

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