Colour me happy – Super Petit Placemats

Picasso once said “Every child is an artist.” If he met me as a child, I am pretty sure he would  have thought there are always exceptions to the rules ( oh that monstrous UFO Year 7 pottery creation!) but luckily for my sons they love to draw and create. The trick as Picasso said was how to stay an artist when you grow up, that is more difficult but in the meantime, I will keep their creative spirit active and hope for the best.

Super Petit have created these uber cool, super soft silicone place mats for the mini drawer and budding artist and I do think they may have used Picasso’s quote as a starting point.

Available in four designs, “On Ice”, “Magic Tree”, “Surf Party” and “Into Space” they come with 5 washable, kid safe markers and a silicone wristband with the mask motif. We used the wristbands to hold the silicone mat and markers together but the wristband is a fun idea for kids!

We tested them out one afternoon last week and I am not joking my boys happily sat and coloured in for about 30 minutes without moving from their seats. They loved colouring in their mats and made additional drawings on it. It was so nice and peaceful having some downtime after school and preschool. It was amazing to watch them happily colour away the afternoon.

I even had a little go! Why don’t they make cool stuff like this for adults…

The silicone being food grade is super soft which makes it so nice to touch. We had a slight problem with one of the yellow markers that Hudson was using. I am not sure exactly what he may have done to it but after some shaking and leaving it for about 15 minutes, it came to life again, albeit slowly.  The boys requested other colours besides the five that came in the pack but if you have any washable markers at  home, they can be used to colour in too.

These place mats are super versatile and in my mind have a number of varied uses;  after school fun whilst they chill out from the day and have a snack or in the case with my kids finish off their school lunch, taking them with you when you go to a restaurant or to a family function to entertain the kids and of course for dinnertime at home.

I even thought whilst writing this blog post that they would be BRILLIANT on a plane or even a long car trip to entertain kids as they can be rolled up super small. Being washable you can then use them over and over again. The kids could swap them up so they had different ones to colour in on their holiday. 

I love that they are washable and reusable which means they are just that more fun than colouring in books and sheets you might get at a restaurant.

At $39.00 each they aren’t exactly cheap but the fact that they are reusable, washable, travel and dishwasher friendly helps to understand the price point. They would make awesome Christmas presents for  kids as well as nephews, nieces, cousins and grandchildren.  I think they would even be awesome in a family day care setting! 

Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

Material: 100% food-grade silicone, non-porous, BPA & Phthalates FREE and adhering to Australian standards.

Care instructions: Rinse with hot water or top rack of dishwasher

RRP $39.00 available NOW from Les Folies and Hard to Find. Les Folies are the main Australian distributor so please contact them for further stockist details.

You can find them socially here Instagram or Facebook.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post; however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.