Cool new toys this Christmas

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It is usually this time of year that a whole lot of news articles come out with ‘Best Toys of 2017’, ‘Best Cool Toys of 2017’ and ‘The 10 Best Gifts to Buy Kids in 2017’. I read them, check them out to see if there are any fun toys my readers would like to hear about. As such  I wanted to let you know about 2 cool toys I have been told about from Talkin Toys which I think will make great stocking fillers this Christmas.  I certainly know my boys would love either of them in their Santa Sacks come Christmas Day…

I know that I don’t generally review many mainstream toys on this blog. There are some cool toy review sites available for this very purpose, many on YouTube and I usually leave it to them to dish the news on cool upcoming toys.

Talkin Toys is one of these YouTube based review channels. With kid presenters as well as adults, they offer a fun online video program presenting news and reviews on the latest and coolest mainstream toys.

However, there are 2 toys that I thought looked seriously fun and I knew my kids would like them so I thought I would let you know about them to keep you up to date this Christmas.

First up is the Rubik’s Race.

Both my boys love Rubik’s cubes and they have been trying to work out the algorithms with their Dad’s help all year. Whilst they haven’t quite mastered it just yet we have been getting into Speed Cubing as a result. We have been checking out the videos by Australian Feliks Zemdegs who is considered one of the fastest speed cubers in the world. Seriously this guy is incredibly fast!

Rubik’s Race is a little bit different from normal Rubik’s games in that it is a 2 player game. I like this as it means that both my boys can play with it and have a go rather than them fighting over the one Rubik’s cube we have in the house.

What is inside?

1 x Shaker box

9 x coloured cubes for the shaker box

50 flat coloured tiles

1 x play tray

You get a Shaker tile box with 9 coloured cubes that you shake up before each game starts. It is then the first player to match their sliding tile grid to the pattern that is on the shaker box. The first person to nail the pattern wins the game.

It is more a puzzle game or board game using the same strategy of a Rubik’s Cube, this time moving around sliding tiles to match the predetermined pattern that you see on the shaker box.  Key is you have to beat your opponent who is trying to do the same as you.

This game is perfect for kids who love Rubik’s Cube, love puzzles, board games and love a bit of competition. It allows them to improve their puzzling skills and play with siblings, parents or friends. Easy to assemble and set up, it would also be great to take on holidays or road trips.

Age: 8+

RRP: $29.95 Available at all leading retailers

The next toy is one I am rather excited by and it is perfect for all soccer loving kids! And to be honest awesome for parents too. Do you always find the kids want to play with a ball when you are at a park or the beach and you just can’t quite fit it in your bag as like any typical parent, you have both hands full with bags, picnic rugs, towels, food, esky etc.  The Port-A-Ball is your answer to this regular occurrence.


The Port-A-Ball is a seriously clever and cool toy that uses a specially patented valve that allows the ball to inflate to the size of 20cm in diameter and deflate in 3 seconds. No pumps, no big balls that can’t quite fit in your bag of stuff.

You can basically take the ball wherever you want as it deflates small enough in size to fit in your pocket, or a school bag, suitcase or yes you guessed it, your handbag! It only takes one large breath (more so an adult breath than a child), pop in the valve and the Port-A-Ball is ready to kick around.

It is made of a foam like material so as you can imagine it is a really lightweight ball. Given it inflates and deflates it won’t have the exact same kick and feel of a soccer ball which is much heavier. But it would still be a great alternative to a beach ball to take to a picnic, beach or travelling when you need to save on space. Or for practising ball skills if you have a future Lionel Messi on your hands.

I think it would also be awesome for a game of volleyball as it certainly has some bounce to it.

It comes in 4 different colours, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Age: 5+ Available at all leading retailers, Big W and Toys R Us.

RRP: $10.95

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