Dino Raw – divine dinosaurs

I have to admit that prior to being a mum of 2 boys, I was not hugely interested in Dinosaurs. I could honestly name 3 dinosaurs and that was pushing it. Fast forward 7.5 years and well as you can imagine so much of my life has changed and now I know dinosaurs by the dozen! Diplodocus, Cryolophosaurus, Trodon, Utahraptor, Ankylosaurus and the list goes on…

We have Schleich dinosaurs which the kids use as bath toys and to play games with, we have dino books and even a dino game, Bingosaurus! But at times, it can be hard to find really nice Dinosaur themed gifts, a lot of the time the dinosaurs are true to life and quite scary for little kids.

Until we found Dino Raw… this Adelaide based company is injecting the divine into dinosaurs with stunning results.  Sarah has created pastel coloured dinosaurs, gelati coloured dinosaurs for dino loving babies, dinosaurs with smiles and dinosaur cushions too!

Dino Raw has been built with a passion for dinosaurs and a love of illustration and it absolutely shows.


What I also adore is Sarah’s room styling, her children’s room are just so beautifully styled and although filled with dinosaurs, there is something so new and fresh about them.

I love that being a mum of 2 boys as well, Sarah has found that her background in fashion design and visual merchandising has turned into an artist and illustrator. Creating beautiful illustrations using fine ink, markers or crayon which are then reproduced onto a white linen paper.

I am sure much like myself she could never have imagined prior to kids that she would now know all the dinosaur names and no less a talented illustrator of them!

I predict a book soon, as seriously these illustrations of smiling, happy dinosaurs need to be captured in story. Or even bed linen, so kids can sleep with their joyful dinosaurs at night.

To see more of Sarah’s gorgeous dinosaur artwork go to Dino Raw or for her beautifully styled kids rooms and new release prints check out Dino Raw on Instagram.