Handy with Scissors Cardboard City

“Oh the places you’ll go… You’ll never be bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do!”

What a magical, whimsical, fantastical and colourful place we visited last week at a school holiday program created by Handy with Scissors and Curiosity Works for Warriewood Square, our local shopping centre.

Susie from Handy with Scissors is an absolute genius in creating art out of recycled materials and I have been an avid Instagram & blog fan for a while now so we were super excited to meet her IRL ( in real life) and to have a turn at helping to create a mini cardboard city!

Curiosity Works is a FAB organisation who works with local shopping centres and businesses to create fun, imaginative and creative pop up play spaces for kids across Australia.

On the first day Jasper made a car, a hut and factory ( interesting black smoke, hmmm…)

We loved it so much we came back the next day. Hudson made cool tower creations and Jasper made a fantastical chimney house and car.

It was a joy to see all the kids using their imagination to create cars, buses, building, factories, trees, bridges and even a flying fox!

Such an awesome holiday activity that we hope will come back soon. Pretty please!

More below pictures from the imaginative world and cardboard city created over 3 days.


And a few videos too from my Instagram Stories when we visited.


Cardboard City

Factory creation


Disclosure: there was no payment or sponsorship involved, this was just local, fun and awesomely creative!