Happy Me, Happy Boy, Happy Mum!

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, well in this case it is the Nana and Mama tree as my eldest has certainly developed the “non stop talking” gene that is prevalent on both sides of my family.

He is definitely a talker, a reader and a thinker. He reads street signs, signs on cars and trucks, advertising signs, everything that has any letters! He loves to read and to read out aloud. We just bought the 26th Story Treehouse and he finished it in just over a day.  He is a real book worm and it is funny as I was the same at his age.

With this active mind comes an active mouth and after discussions with his class teacher, I wanted to investigate ways to help keep him stimulated but in a way that didn’t distract his other class mates.

I had been in contact with the lovely Rachelle from The Happy Me Shop, a Melbourne based online store specialising in fidget tools as we met via the brilliant biz mum site Mums with Hustle. She has a wealth of knowledge having been a Clinical Social Worker and running her own counselling practice for over 10 years.

happy-me-shop-wooden-worm2-croppedI thought that perhaps after seeing her awesome video a fidget tool might help my son to focus his impressive amount of energy, thought and talking on a fidget tool.

So after some discussions with Rachelle, we had decided on a wooden twist transformer as he likes wood, lego and transformers. But when we received the fidget tool, it was in fact a little harder to transform than we thought. To start off with we thought he might like something a little easier to fidget with during circle time.

Fortunately Rachelle had kindly sent us a few other tools alongside our order to test out as she had advised that everyone is different and as such enjoys different things to fidget with.



After playing with each of them, he decided that the wooden twist block would be something small and fun to play with whilst keeping his mind focused.


He has been using them now at school this term ( Week 3) and after the first day his teacher came up to personally thank me for getting the fidget tool. She said it was amazing and she couldn’t stop smiling!

Most importantly though I have asked him about the wooden twist block and what he thinks it does for him. Has it helped him? Does it distract others in class? He said he loves it and it allows him to focus his thoughts and words. He imagines it as a container ship pulling cargo or a train or bus. He hasn’t got in trouble in class this term for talking too much either which was a daily occurrence, so I think you might safely say, this little fidget tool is pretty darn amazing!

Now if you have met me in real life, you might also suggest that I probably need one of these too! 😉 And yes they are for adults as well as kids.

So for any parent struggling to keep their kids concentrating in class or from talking too much, may I suggest a fiddle tool to help focus their minds and hopefully you will have as much success as we have had thus far!

For more products and details, please visit The Happy Me Shop or check out their  Instagram or  Facebook page for really useful advice and  tips.

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.