Ice Treasure Fun

I realised that I never shared on the blog the day we froze our toys!! We had such a HOT summer this year with constant highs of 35 plus and it was just crazy weather ( and they say global warming is a myth…) As a result it was hard to venture out to the beach or even the pool as the UV was ridiculous and my boys are fair skinned like me. So after seeing some awesome Pinterest ideas for ice block treasure hunts I decided it could be fun to freeze some of the kids toys and let them smash out the toys and find treasure, as a HOT summers day activity!

I tried the balloon way by putting in a toy and filling it with water and I also tried putting toys into a tupperware container and filling it that way. Both ways worked, so go with what you have at home. We used our plastic Australian animals set as well as Lego men for freezing. You will need to freeze overnight so try to keep from telling the kids or they will get too excited and impatient to want to try this activity!  Kinder Surprise toys would work too as all generally plastic as well as plastic dinosaurs.

We used wooden hammers that we had at home already but I have to say they probably won’t be the same ever again as with the ice and water we did make a bit of a mess of one of them.  We probably should  have used a wooden or plastic screw driver as well to break up the ice. But it was so much fun and the kids had an absolute ball! It just didn’t last long enough. I would recommend freezing quite a few containers or even filling up a whole ice tray with Lego men to keep the activity going.

A definite summer kids activity that we will try again next Summer. Let us know in the comments below if you try this fun activity, I would love to hear from you.