Kazoops – thank you for the music!

Super excited to have found out that the music behind Kazoops has been released with the album ” Just imagine!”, the perfect name of course!!

And as it’s Volume 1, which is awesome as that that means there is going to be more to come!!

With 20 original songs from the show now available on iTunes and Spotify, Kazoops fans will be able to buy the album, or the individual tracks and stream the music online so kids can sing & dance along to their fave Kazoops! They can also sing along on YouTube too!

My fave part of Kazoops is the music so I am super excited about this release. It is what sets Kazoops apart from other children’s TV shows.

Now, I want to know, when will the merchandising be released… my kids will go crazy over their own Monty and Jimmy Jones toys!