Kickstarter – Bokah Blocks for next level construction

We were super excited to feature the incredible Bokah Blocks as our February ‘Toy of the Month‘ last year. These blocks are sheer genius as the makers at Bokah Blocks have reworked a timeless classic, the wooden block and given it a joint! When you connect 2 Bokah blocks with a bendy ( a neat little unit that can stretch, twist, bend and pull), a joint is constructed and this allows not only movement between the blocks but also flexibility in the design.

We created some pretty amazing designs that I honestly never thought was possible from a wooden block. Bokah Blocks are a young US toy start up and you know how much I love supporting small!  It was with excitement that I heard from Bokah Blocks this month as they wanted to let me know about the awesome Kickstarter campaign they have just launched for their Explorer set of blocks. A new set of blocks that are affordable and with 55 pieces still allows for a huge selection of construction designs to be enjoyed by your kids.

I love that Bokah Blocks has been  designed, made, and packaged in the USA using 100% solid basswood grown in Pennsylvania. They have patented their brilliant designs now and are setting their targets high to bring a new level of construction toys to the next generation. It is really is wonderful to see!

The Explorer Set comes with 55 assorted pieces and any of the below designs are possible to construct with the Kickstarter set they are offering.  The only way to make a block bend is using these cool blocks!

So please do check out Bokah Blocks and their an awesome Kickstarter campaign.  With 28 days to go and 28% of their target back, check them out now to support a brilliant US toy start up company kick goals!

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post, nor did I receive anything to review, this was written to support an awesome toy start up and help their crowdfunding campaign get funded!