Kids Activities – DIY cardboard computer

We did a change up with our playroom last month and as a result there is now a little cubby area. Well technically it is meant to be another desk/craft area but Hudson has taken it as his little den.

As a result he decided he now needed a “Spy computer” for his new secret area! He has such a creative imagination that I just can’t resist when he asks me to make him something and well, as I have such a love affair with cardboard I thought, why not!?

So together with Jasper, we set about making a spy computer with some cardboard, paper, textas, and glue on our first day of winter school  holidays.

What you will need:

*cardboard box with an attached lid – a shoe box should work

*  cereal box or any other plain white cardboard.

* paper

*sticky tape


Jasper drew a treasure/spy map on the “screen” of the computer and I made another box out of the cereal box  which I could then insert into the empty box. I used this as the keyboard area and cut up “keys” and marked up the keys for a “Qwerty” keyboard and glued them on to the box.

To mix it up and make it a little educational, I found some “Sight” words on the web and have been using these to add some learning to the Spy pc! Of course Hudson just prefers to imagine and play “Spys!” And that is ok, there is plenty of time for “Sight” words right?!