Toy of the month – November 2017

Wow I am not exactly sure how this year has sped by and I am now writing my last toy review for the year? Life with kids certainly means life just seems to go at warped speed. Next year it will be even more zippy as my youngest starts  school. I am quietly crying a little inside but he is beyond excited to go to school with his big brother and all his preschool mates, so it is a bittersweet moment as my baby grows up.

Starting school and this month’s toy review are a perfect combination as this month we have been testing out a seriously awesome ‘Chemistry in Action’ science kit gifted from Sydney based Curious Kids Science.  Curious Kids Science is headed up by the incredibly passionate Mum Rachel Brittliff with head tester being her 6 year old daughter, Lily. Rachel has a background in Law, however it was when her then 3 year old daughter came home from preschool wanting to replicate an “experience” she had seen there, that Rachel embarked on a mission to bring fun and science to young children.

After countless hours of research and hundreds of experiments, testing them out over a year with 20 kids aged 4 to 10 years, they finally settled on the Chemistry kit we are reviewing which was released early this year.

This is our first ever kit based toy review and I have to say it was A LOT of fun. I mean A LOT of fun! The kit provides experiment cards, a chemical reaction kid’s manual, an adults guide and non toxic products for 5 experiments to be carried out by kids 4 + years.

With some changes to the method and a few additional ingredients from the pantry, the kit has the ability to conduct up to 20 different experiments using the kit. There are also suggestions on ways to approach different experiments based on age groups which is awesome as it means you can continue to use the kit for years to come.

Curious Kids Science Kit Chemistry In Action

I was never really into science at school except for Chemistry, it was the only science I enjoyed as I love to watch this bang, fizz and pop.  However, it has been 20+ years since I was last in a school science lab and I was intrigued to see if my boys would like this kit or not?

We received the kit in September and honestly they pestered me for days upon days, wanting to know when they were going to test it out. We finally had the chance in the last school holidays to test out some of the experiments included in the kit.

The experiments included in the kit are designed to build understanding of the ways in which a chemical reaction between an acid and alkali (base) can be detected.

Curious Kids Science Kit Chemistry In Action

Experiment 1: Acids and Bases

This is all about testing out if a liquid is acidic, basic or neutral using pH test paper and it was a great introduction to science and this kit.

For each experiment there is instruction card with the equipment you need outlined, experiment steps and a little about the background as to what the experiment is about, in this case a chemical reaction.

We followed the instructions and tested out whether the vinegar was acidic, base or neutral and did the same with the mix of water and bicarb of soda. The vinegar came out at 2, which meant very acidic and the bicarb mix at 9, meaning very basic. The kids enjoyed seeing the ph paper change colour and then working out what the colour change meant. We then expanded our experiment using the Grown Up guide provided and tested out tomato sauce, milk and orange juice.

Curious Kids Science Kit pH test Review

For not much effort, the boys got to understand what pH meant, why things may be acidic, basic or neutral and most importantly had fun seeing their first chemical reaction! They were super excited after this experiment and quickly wanted to do the next one.

As a parent I really liked the addition of the kids journal that is provided with each kit. The journal allows the child to really get involved with the experiments. For each experiment, there is space that gives the child the opportunity to put in their hypothesis, observation and reflection. My 5 year old son wasn’t interested in this part of the kit but my 8 year old son certainly was.

Curious Kids Science Kit pH test ReviewCurious Kids Science Kit pH test Review

Experiment 2: Volcano 

This was the experiment the boys were really looking forward to (and also the next one but hold on you can’t just scroll through yet) which was seeing a volcano explode… This experiment looks at the chemical reaction when you mix an acid and a base powder with water.

Curious Kids Science Kit Volcano Experiment ReviewCurious Kids Science Kit Volcano Experiment Review Curious Kids Science Kit Volcano Experiment Review If you want to check out how fun this volcano is then take a look at this video we did of the Volcano experiment. It was so cool seeing the bi-carb react with the vinegar and we found that warm vinegar caused the volcano to explode even more. Video to come soon!

Experiment 3: The Rocket

This experiment was by far my favourite. This experiment is about what happens when a chemical reaction occurs and physical changes take place using bi carb of soda, water and glucaric acid in a small tube.

I loved this experiment that much I think we completed this experiment over 40 times. Seriously it is THAT much fun. We ran out of bi-carb soda so Hudson and I even rode our bikes to the shops to get more, yes dedication to the scientific cause!

I found this experiment took a little bit of testing out as when we first did it, the rocket exploded before i could put the tube down which meant it didn’t shoot off. This happened a few times before we changed our method and decided to put the water in gradually. A little bit, then the final amount and then pop the lid on it. Bang!! It absolutely launches sky high and went about 6 metres in the air at its highest.

Curious Kids Science Kit Rocket Experiment Curious Kids Science Kit Rocket Experiment Check out our exploding rocket video here.
Curious Kids Science Kit Kid

We have been able to test out 3 of the 5 experiments that are provided in the kit, time has unfortunately prevented us from doing all 5.

I have to say this month’s review has been an absolute joy to test out. The kids and I have been super excited to see things bang, fizz and pop and we have even shared the experiments with friends and neighbours. All of them loved seeing the rocket zoom into the air sky high.

This kit is seriously affordable and is a great introduction to science for kids. I wouldn’t have the time or expertise to find out what experiments would work and ones that are safe enough for kids to try and this kit makes it easy for parents, carers or grandparents. I like that the experiments can be used over and over again and if like us you do so many experiments that you run out, the products used are available in your pantry.

I love that Rachel has used her daughter’s passion for science to create a kit that makes science a little less daunting and accessible with easy to follow instructions and all the equipment supplied. I adore that her daughter has helped her to create the kit and together they as a team they make up Curious Kids Science.

The kids and I are looking forward to the Christmas holidays where we can try out the 2 remaining experiments. Let’s see how easy it is to turn milk into plastic…

Toy of the Month Chemistry in Action Kit from Curious Kids Science

Helps to teach kids: that science is fun! That science doesn’t need to be tricky or overly geeky. Learning about science helps to explain the world around us. 

Great for: kids ages 4+ who have a fascination in the world around them, perfect for home schooled kids, or kids who need more fun and less tech in their life. All kids would benefit from this kit, I actually don’t know what child aged 4+ wouldn’t like to see a volcano erupt or a rocket shoot to the sky!

RRP: $33.00

Curious Kids Science is a Sydney based company headed up by mama CEO Rachel Brittliff  and her 6 year old daughter Lily. The Chemistry-in-Action kits come with ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for children.

Please check out this incredible family run business Instagram and Facebook pages and support small this Christmas.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post; however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.