Nununu – minimalist design magic

When dressing my boys I like to mix up bold prints with minimalist colours, one brand I have been going to for the last few years has been Nununu, the brilliant Israeli brand which season after season brings out perfectly designed clothes that are timeless, yet on trend and always with the same beautiful quality.

nununu back room view

They have recently opened up a stunning new HQ in Tel Aviv which also houses their warehouse, office space and a retail shop!

Under Embargo - baggy patchI was fortunate enough to ask Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, the founders of Nununu, a few questions about their architecturally designed premises amidst the release of their SS16 collection.

Tali and Iris

The new HQ has a minimalist industrial almost clinical feel, which I think epitomises the Nununu aesthetics; embracing design without compromising on function. How long did it take to find the space and convert the former telephone exchange into the creative space we see today?  How much input did you both have alongside renowned architect Keren Milchberg?  

For quite some time we searched for the right space. We knew we wanted an open space with flowing lines, so a loft space felt the most appropriate. From the moment we found the space, we went into about 6 months of intense work…we move quickly and I think we drove all our supplier’s crazy ensuring the renovation progressed to our pace. We worked with Keren on everything, we trusted her and her talent, however, we were involved in every aspect of construction right through to choosing the perfect materials to work with.

As for the interior – we mixed in our own art collections and we sourced unique furnishing for the office. As you can imagine, it is still work in process, and we keep adding or changing as we move along.

Nununu HQ

The space also houses your first retail shop, was it always your intention to combine your office & showroom alongside your inaugural retail arm of the business? Do you plan to open up more retail spaces in the future? Or branch into a stunning range of minimalist homewares?

Yes, it is an in-house store, but we have always sold from here to private customers, so we don’t really see it as our FIRST retail store… As for the future? Time will tell….


I am in love with the “library” space that you house your collection in the photos, is this the shop part of the space or the warehouse section? And sorry but I have to ask, does the skeleton have a name?

Ha!!! His name changes on a daily basis depending on our mood over here. Mind you, the fact that he doesn’t have a proper name doesn’t make him a lesser part of the team. He is a key player here!
The “library” houses the stock for our in house store, we had planned them and ordered them especially.

nununu collection library

You have brought back your signature design staples, the skull, stars and plus for SS16 but with a brilliant new print, the Geometric which I love as well as all that delicious denim!  Now that you have your new creative/retail/HQ how have you found this new environment has influenced or inspired your new &  upcoming collections?

Thank you! So glad you like them!!! The new HQ was designed to feel and act like a creative hub for us and all of our team, and so yes – in a way it has… the main idea is for out team to be in a place where they love being, a second home, and that naturally gets the creative juices flowing.

Nununu_ Under_Embargo_denim_biker_overallNununu Under embargo dress
For SS16, you have dived into swimwear and brought back that amazing bed linen, and a new collab with Collegien. How do you ensure you are constantly evolving in this fast world of fashion?

Just like every brand – we work hard and never really stop… in order for us to evolve we have to, plus we don’t really know otherwise. We consider every idea, we leave no stone unturned, and even obstacles can be turned into inspiration.

Nununu swimmers

How do you get that wonderful smell that comes with every Nununu piece of clothing and made you decide on using fragrance on your clothing? What was the inspiration for this and have you ever thought about a NUNUNU fragrance collection?

Our signature scent is very much at the core of nununu. We knew we wanted that extra special something and new it would come in a form of scent. We explored this world and tested a lot of scents until we found the perfect one. Each item of clothing goes through a process – washing, shrinkage control and handmade tears for a deconstructed worn look and then another washing cycle for the scent. As for a fragrance collection? Time will tell… 

Outdoor space

So many exciting things happening for this amazing brand and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store over the coming months!

For more details of their fabulous new range “Under Embargo” check out Nununu now!

NB:- this is not a sponsored post