Christmas Gift Guide – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Ok so it happens to all of us, even the most organised of people, it is 4 days before Christmas and you realise you have extended family coming to Christmas and you have forgotten to get your cousin a Christmas present. Or perhaps your neighbour has given you a present and you forgot their children or you might need a present for your bosses kids or help, even your own!

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Christmas Gift Guide – Toddlers

Oh those important “Toddler Years”, when they start to walk, move, climb walls and tables, and generally keep themselves and you busy, oh so busy!

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Toy of the Month – November 2015

Our little household is so very excited about this month’s toy review as it has meant a whole refurb of our Rock and Pebble Apple House –  yes our Mini Furniture has arrived! We even got out the confetti to celebrate!

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Jingle Bells and Felt Ball Wreaths

Yes it’s that time of year again, where I start singing all the Christmas Carols that I know albeit rather badly! But I do love this time of year, I love the giving of presents and family and friends coming together to celebrate the festive season. Yes it can all be a little too hyper commercial but we like to make Gingerbread men, handmade christmas cards and decorations to get us in to the spirit!

Last Christmas I was lusting after a felt ball wreaths by the amazingly talented Captain and Co. This year, I thought I would try my own attempt at one. Gee whizz, I should have known what I was in for but hey, I persisted in my DIY attempts! And well if you decide that you ever wish to do it as well, I have a few helpful tips for you.

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Myer’s Christmas Giftorium arrives

I have to say last Saturday was a pretty exciting day in the life of Hudson! We both had the utmost pleasure to attend Myer’s Christmas Giftorium, on behalf of Kids Business, an event showcasing their exciting range of gifts for all ages for the upcoming festive season.

H was so excited as he knew he was going to see Santa. Now this is rather amusing fact in itself, as for the past few years, he has cried his eyes out or refused to look at the camera or both!

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Minimal Christmas

As you know we adore Inkibabinki here on this blog, it is one of our fave Australian kids fashion and decor range for their minimal, design led approach.

They have done it again this festive season with their new limited edition Minimalist Christmas Tshirt.  We loved it so much that we thought we would get into the Christmassy spirit in November and have a bit of fun!

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