Toy of the month – November 2016

Wow I can’t believe it is my last toy review for the year *, where has 2016 gone?! It has been such a whirlwind year and I am sure you are all feeling the same way!

With Christmas coming one of our fave toys in the house are board games. We have about 20 of them already from memory to Monopoly to Shopping List to Hungry Hippos and our collection grows each year at Christmas.

This month I wanted to review a true board game classic, Twister! They celebrated 50 years this year in September and we were sent the game to test and out and review.

I can honestly tell you I haven’t played Twister since I was a teenager so I wondered ahem 20 odd years on, how the board game would translate and whether in this techy gaming age it would still be so much fun for the kids?


We set up the game which was super easy as it is just the mat and spinner to take out. I found the spinner though had changed and there were a few added icons I wasn’t used to. We took a read of the instructions and found the 2 new moves were called “Spinner’s Choice” and “Air”.

With “Spinner’s Choice”, the spinner can pull whatever move they like having a game of scissors, paper, rock with the player next to you or hopping on one foot or barking like a dog! They give you some suggestions on the back of the Spinner to help with this move. “Air” is a funny new move, this one is all about putting the called out body part in the air and not on the mat! But if you already have a body part in the air and “Air” is spun again then you can put that body part down on an empty spot and pull the new move after that.
twister-hasbro-moves-rstwister-hasbro-spinnerThe kids and I had so much fun one rainy November afternoon twisting ourselves into all sorts of funny shapes and I have to say, I am getting old! I couldn’t hold my balance very long and my arms or legs started hurting. The boys on the other hand kept wanting to play again and again and you guessed it, again!

So the classic Twister albeit with a few added extras lives on and thrives for the next generation.  And in my opinion makes an awesome Christmas present for any kid small or big!

Toy of the month – Twister by Hasbro

Helps to teach kids:  gross motor skills, hand- eye co-ordination, problem solving and social skills such as cooperation and self-confidence

Great for:  parties, Friday night fun, rainy days, winter days, picnics, and family events!

RRP:  $39.99 AUS from

Ages: 6 years

Designed in USA back in 1964 and now made in China.



*i don’t do a Toy review per se in December as my gift guides take over

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post; however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.