Upcycled furniture

With all the kids toys we have in our household we are in constant need of more storage for them! We use Lego storage boxes, canvas bags, fabric bags, wire baskets, and woven storage baskets to name but a few but I have had an idea in my head for a while now to source out another bookshelf for toy and book storage.

I was quite keen to try to find an old piece of furniture that we could upcycle to reduce down the impact on the environment as well as reduce down costs.

I have a bit of a “thing” for mid-century modern furniture but it doesn’t come cheap so it took me a little while to find something reasonable which I did on Gumtree the other week. My darling hubby went to pick it up for me as it was up the coast and when he got it home I realised, eek it was laminate! But at $35.00 I wasn’t surprised. So I decided to do a little bit of upcycling with it and I think it came up pretty great!

I had always planned to remove the glass and install wooden shelves instead which lovely hubby did for me ( thank goodness for an engineering partner) and then I set to work giving it an undercoat and then painting it my fave colour.

Total cost: $35 for shelf, $17.30 paint and roller, $8.80 for MDF = $61.10

NB:-Hubby also said to mention his many hours of labour, lol!