Why Kids Gifts and Toys?

I first started my blog over 3 years ago when my eldest was 5 years of age and my youngest just 2. Why did I start? Mainly because I wasn’t what kind of gifts were age suitable for my kids and I wanted to research and find out the best ones.

Not just the best ones though, because what is the”Best”? Best means different things to different people. For me “Best” was all about the longevity of the toy, how long a child would play with it and how long it would last with it being played with constantly? Could the toy stand up to the test of being treated sometimes rough and tumble by a toddler or a child?

Also toys are not cheap, or rather you can buy cheap plastic toys but we all know that they don’t last, they break, or need batteries.  I was finding these toys were not cutting it with my boys. Yes we had plastic toys, we had musical bongo drums, we had musical electric guitars, we had Hot Wheels track( we still do!), we had a few plastic ride on cars and bikes. But personally I found anything with batteries, highly annoying, like highly annoying! LOL. I know the kids enjoyed them, however I noticed it was never for long periods, it never engaged them longer than 5 mins and so this is why I started investigating ethical and eco friendly toys.

We bought our first wooden toy, a gorgeous solid wood milk truck in Norway for our then unborn and surprise son. We didn’t know what we were having but had a feeling it was  a boy, we got that one right!  I can’t say we did for the second…

I have always been attracted to wooden toys whilst pregnant and found that now I had children, the attraction was in their simplicity, their design and that they allowed the imagination of a child to be awakened.

It was what drove me to start this blog, to find the most awesome toys for kids but that lasted ( think heirloom), that looked good( think design led) but most importantly engaged a child for longer than a few minutes. I wanted my children to learn through play but this isn’t possible with toys that are flashing with lights, sounds and music.

I saw how my boys loved wooden blocks, wooden trains and track, wooden stackers and wooden animals. More importantly I saw how they engaged with them. They had to use their imagination to make sounds for the trains or the animals, they had to use their imagination to create homes for their animals or to  build buildings or garages.  Using their imagination had another positive, they were entertained for much longer periods than they were with plastic toys. This is what started my journey and my pursuit in looking for wooden toys from around the globe.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

More to follow soon.

Lizzie xx


  1. Bulk Toys May 5, 2017

    Wonderful kids toys.

    • Liz May 17, 2017

      Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed the post.

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