Yummy Yoghurt Pops!

I will admit that I do struggle with preparing easy and healthy after school snacks. My kids become bored and tired of the same old food, as all kids do. Cut apple or melon (my kids are super fussy when it comes to fruit!), toast, muffins, rice crackers and hummus, cheese and crackers or banana smoothies, this is our regular afternoon tea snacks and sometimes the kids just want something a bit different. I would also prefer them to eat more fruit!

Munch Cupboard sent us a sample of their ice pops to test out and I thought they would b be perfect to try for a quick and healthy snack after school. Using a recipe in their cookbook, we made some delicious yoghurt pops!

We mixed 1 cup of vanilla yoghurt, a punnet of fresh strawberries and 1 tsp orange juice together in a blender and then poured them into the reusable ice pops. I wasn’t sure whether to pour it to the very top and I would recommend to give about 2cm before the top to allow for expansion and also for the lid to go firmly on. We froze ours overnight however as long as they have 6 hours freeze time, they will be ready for eating!

And so the verdict…

Well, 100% success for my youngest son as he absolutely loved it and devoured it straight away!

My eldest ate the yoghurt pop but decided he probably wouldn’t want another one the same flavour. It can be so hard pleasing kids especially mine but we will try again another day. This time with strawberry, watermelon and banana with some plain yoghurt or strawberries, raspberries apple juice and a touch of lemon juice or we may even freeze our banana smoothies next time.

What I was impressed with was how easy the ice pops were to make, freeze and clean. I love that they are reusable and you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean! A win win in my eyes. They made no mess when the kids were eating them and you can even pop the lid on and put back in the freezer, if your child doesn’t want to finish their pop right away.

They are BPA free and made of durable FDA approved silicon and leak proof. Just remember to leave a little gap when filling up and not overfill the moulds before popping into the freezer as the contents do expand once frozen.

Happy healthy snacking 🙂

Ice pops available from Munch Cupboard $10.99.

Disclosure:- I was not compensated for this post; however I did receive a sample for testing and review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.