Toy of the month – July 2016

Rainbows for me are one of the most beautiful things you can see in nature, all the colours sparkling bright across the sky. You want to chase it to find where it ends!

They are wonderfully inspiring and bring such positive vibes that I just had to own one for my own home. We all need a rainbow to live in our house, don’t we?

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How to Catch a Star – book inspired craft

Last week the boys and I decided to take on Early Learning 101‘s book challenge and create some children’s book inspired craft.

One of our favourite authors ever is Oliver Jeffers and we decided as we had lots of paper towel tubes that need recycling we would instead re-use these as rocket ships for “How to Catch a Star”.

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Welcome to the Bazaar


The second instalment of the Bazaar, the Christmas edition is happening on Sunday 11th December at Newport Community Centre, 8am –  1pm. See you there!!

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Kids flea market

Bazaar Kids Gifts and Toys is a seasonal event with 4 major Bazaars occurring each year.

One major element of the Bazaar is the pre loved toy sale, basically like a toy flea market for kids! A concept that I discovered whilst we were living in Germany, which I wanted to bring back to Australia.

As kids grow and change so do their interest in toys, so why not give them the chance to go through their old toys, decide which ones they don’t need or play with anymore, clean them up and sell them to other kids! It gives the toy a new lease of life, and both kids are ecstatic with their sale and their new  purchase. It also helps to get the toys out of the house for the parents! 😉

The cost for a kids flea market space is free!

As this section is more of a flea market I am not envisioning high prices as the kids will be selling to other kids.

There will be 2 sessions at each Bazaar; morning (10am – 12pm) and afternoon ( 1pm – 3pm). We would recommend kids from ages 6+ but it is fine to have younger siblings with them selling too as well as parents overseeing the toy sales.

Depending on their age, the kids may not last the full 2 hours, which is fine.

All the kids need are their toys, a small blanket or cover to lay them down on and some change! They also need to bring their bargaining skills and a parent can perhaps assist if this is needed.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to register your child for the pre-loved toy sale and kindly confirm which session you would like in your email. The Inaugural Bazaar is taking place Sunday 30th October, 10am – 3pm at Newport Community Centre, The Blvd, Newport.

Terms and conditions

Please click here for terms and conditions related to the stallholder application for the Bazaar. These terms and conditions need to be read and agreed before you send the stallholder application off for processing.

Latest version – July 2016