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A little bit about me…

Hi, my name is Lizzie and I am a mother of 2 gorgeous and active young boys who are now 7 and 4. They love and adore each other although we are hitting that awesome age where they just want to fight over every single toy possible! I can see now why parents buy 2 of the same thing…

I grew up & studied in Sydney but my feet wanted to travel and I decided to take my now husband along for the travelling adventure!  After 13 years away mainly spent living in London and also time in Germany, we decided to move back to Sydney in September 2015 to raise our 2 boys, close to our families and friends.

After leaving my job in the corporate world when we moved to Germany; I became a stay at home mum taking care of my youngest son whilst my eldest went to Kindergarten and learnt to speak Germany fluently ( the same cannot be said of myself).  It was during this fairly lonely time at the start of our stay that I started to formulate ideas on writing a kids blog and in 2014 I started to really make a go of it and get my teeth stuck into the world of blogging!

What is Kids Gifts and Toys?  This fabulous blog is your go to place for gift inspirations, gift guides, toy reviews, kids clothing, kids rooms and more! It is a place for small business, creators and makers.

Why was it created?  I felt I was constantly searching across many websites to gain knowledge and understanding about what was the best, most fun and downright awesome gift, toys or clothes for my kids and their friend’s.  I am also continually asked about where I found or sourced a cool toy, baby product, piece of clothing or gift.  I thought I could write a blog to help other parents find the same fantastic products that I have found but all in one website.

Why toy reviews? In researching gifts and toys I also wanted to know more about where the toy was made and the company behind the toy. It is nice to also have an honest review with photos and sometimes videos. I personally prefer to review wooden toys for aesthetic and environmental reasons but I also know what kids like – plastic, noise and things that move! So the site is a mix of both!

Why gift inspirations? As a mother I am constantly searching for new gift inspirations and ideas for my boys and children in our lives. I search the web A LOT! And I never seem to find a site that has all the labels/ discoveries/ creations that I like, with reviews to boot! So I started this blog to provide not only myself with this “go to source” but for others to benefit from my many hours of research. My focus for gift inspirations is handmade, great quality, stunning design together with practicality. I also search for products that are made in the country of origin and from small businesses.

Why gift guides?  This part of my blog is still a work in progress but I am a sucker for lists! When I am researching for any new products whether for home, friends, and kids or for my other passions of travelling and skiing, I am always searching for the top ten or best of! Hence, I started a top ten gift guide for each age group. Well actually, I decided to increase this to 16 as there was just too much fabulousness out there! The focus here is on fun, educational, good quality toys and products from renowned and trusted brands as well as awesome handmade creations from new small businesses.

Why Kids?  I love and adore my children and the blog is being shaped by my daily life and events related to them, so it not only encompasses toys and gifts but kids clothing, room décor, accessories and more. Anything that I need for my children in their daily life, I tend to research and blog about it.

Why the name?   I am never one to mince my words.  The site says it how it is! I was never going to be an advertising genius and despite its b&w name, there is plenty of colour going on!

What does the future hold?  Ahh if only I had a crystal ball… I am not sure where it will take me but for the moment, I am enjoying writing the blog, administering the site, collaborating with brands and companies and researching new products to inspire and captivate kids.

I hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired by what you find here.

Big hugs,