Amazing new baby box!


As you know I love finding new and exciting gifts and toys for my gorgeous readers and one that I have just found out about, is so clever, I wish it was around when my boys were babes.

Tuutu Baby Box, is a pretty incredible gift idea born out of a traditional Finnish concept that has been around for over 78 years.

The Finnish government, in their utter wisdom, since 1938 have been providing expectant mothers, a large cardboard box of baby products filled to the brim with everything a baby needs to create the best start in life. Now in 2016, ALL expectant women receive one in Finland.

What I found the most quirky about this idea was that the cardboard box was actually designed as baby’s first bed! Together with the mattress provided with the box, it became a bed. Yup, totally clever, totally eco friendly and totally flexible as to where the babe lays down to sleep.

Now two Finnish-Australian mothers, Susanna Heiskanen and Laura Lohiniva-Hart who believe every baby has the right start in life, have breathed life into the Australian version, Tuutu Baby Box.

But there is a twist, this box with roots planted in Finnish tradition, will have a modern Australian touch.  The box is made and designed locally featuring popular products from Bubba Blue, PureBaby, Gaia Skin Naturals,  GroVia , BabyBeeHinds and WaterWipes.

Tuutu Baby Box founders Susanna  and Laura say that since the introduction of the baby box in Finland, the infant mortality rate has decreased from 6.5 percent to 0.2 percent.

“The baby box has been credited as one of the reasons for the reduction in infant mortality rate and we would like to see Australia adopt this approach,” says co-founder Susanna Heiskanen.

Australia Bureau of Statistics state that the infant mortality rate in 2016 was 4.31 infant deaths per 1,000 live births.

“When the box was first launched in Finland, it was given to underprivileged mothers with the condition that they would attend pre-natal and post-natal clinics,” says co-founder Susanna Heiskanen.

“This ensured that mothers were educated about safe sleeping practices, breastfeeding and vaccinations, helping to reduce the infant mortality rate.”

Tuutu Baby Boxes will include resources, support and information about topics such as breastfeeding and safe sleeping.

Susanna and Laura have also identified the significance of sustainability in producing their product.

“The box is made completely from recyclable material and we are including products such as reusable breast pads and washable cloth nappies to give our customers the opportunity to try more sustainable options,” says co-founder Laura Lohiniva-Hart.

“As a company we see having a social conscience as a key part of our business in the way that a proportion of the profit will be used to provide baby boxes for underprivileged parents in Australia.”

The box has also been redesigned with a lid that can be used as a changing table and the contents include example swaddles, baby bodysuit and mittens to complement the Australian lifestyle.

Seriously, I don’t think there is anything Susanna and Laura havent thought of with this amazing baby gift box. When I was expecting, a dear gorgeous friend of mine sent me a spreadsheet of all the baby things I would need to buy for my baby’s arrival. I meticulously went through it all, checking off the list and making sure I had it all. It took me ages and now instead, this baby box has got everything a baby would need to start life and a mother would need to care for her babe.

I absolutely cannot wait til the launch of Tuutu Baby Box, as I think it will make THE perfect baby shower gift for newly expectant mothers. And really I am rather jealous, as I wish it had been around when I was expecting!

Launching in July 31, see for more information.