Australian Wooden Toys

I have to say in looking for handmade and wooden toys over the past 2 years for my blog, it has honestly been quite a struggle. There are a lot of wooden toys but all made by the big companies; Plan Toys, Hape, Melissa and Doug, Janod and Kidkraft to name a few.  We love our Hape & Plan Toys but not all the companies produce solid wood toys, many are made of MDF, which isn’t sturdy and if it is painted, then it chips easily.

However, just in the past year, there has been an absolute resurgence in handmade and wooden toys.  And I can proudly say there are so many handmade and heirloom made toys being made right here in Australia, many in lovely mamas and papas homes! Woohoo!

I thought perhaps I would do a little wooden toy gift guide on a monthly basis, possibly even more regular and not just focusing on Australian products, but handmade and wooden products worldwide, so hit me up peeps, I want to see what amazing creations are out there, in the USA, India, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, wherever you are, I want to find them. Get in contact via my blog, Twitter or Instagram and tell me your finds so I can showcase them here on Kids Gifts and Toys.

Here are a few of my current fave Australian brands who are designing and re-imagining old favourites as well as new, and encouraging play based learning through their beautiful wooden heirloom toys.

Australian_wooden_ toys_kidsgiftsandtoys

1.The Timba Trend Game Board $60.00

2.Hello Pear Designs Dominoes $50.00

3.Babee and Me Wooden house blocks $52.80

4.Milton Ashby Wooden plane $60.00

5.Father and Son Vintage Car  $180.00

6. Mitahli Designs  Radio  $30.00

7.Home of Hazel Bowling pins from $25.00

8.Two Little Loves  Wooden Icecreams $25.00

9.Milos Room – Wooden Ring Stacker $42.00

Stay tuned for more wondrous wooden toys from around the world including Australian wooden toys and in the meantime check out my Pinterest board for some gorgeous finds.