Back to School essentials

I am so in holiday mode at the moment that I hadn’t appreciated how quickly the weeks have passed and that school starts back next week. I had it in my head that J was heading back next Friday and I only found out yesterday from a school mum, that in fact they go back on Wednesday!!

Arrgh I can be so organised but also so last minute with so many things. So today we went through the class list and ticked off what we had and made a quick dash to K-Mart for things like folders, pencil sharpeners and highlighters!

I did a quick handwash of the Kanken Classic for the year, though I have to say, if you consider buying one of these fab bags, don’t get one if you have a boy! My son literally throws his bag on the ground against the wall in the mornings and after about 2 months it looked about 2 years old already. And DON’T put them in the washing machine ( i did and it didn’t clean it very well and took off the Vinylon-F that protects it) . Instead today I did a handwash with a nail brush and it has come up ok. I would probably recommend a really soft toothbrush next time.  We can’t afford a new school bag, so he will just have to make do with his Kanken from last year whilst i search for a boy proof backpack! At least though it has held up, the straps are fine and it can be used for another year.  For the price, I was kind of hoping it would last him, his whole primary school life. Alas, I hadn’t factored in that I have a boy!

But what I was impressed with and what has been perfect for school, is our Yumbox Original. I blogged about it last year and it really has been an awesome lunch box. We were also gifted one for Hudson’s birthday, so both boys have them and use them every day for school and preschool.  We have the original which has 6 compartments but I want to try the Panino out this year as my kids do like sandwiches every so often and I find the original a little hard to squeeze a full size sandwich in.

For kids with more appetite, the other lunch box we tested out is the Go Green. I find when we used it on occasions last year, my son would come back with a lot of uneaten food each day. I think this will be perfect for when he has more of an appetite. At the moment, eating lunch is an after thought after play!

And so enough ramblings from me, I need to go and order more name labels to pop on his pencils, paintbrushes and textas. But before I do, check out this fab website i just found whilst looking for pencil cases, Cool Pencil Case!


Back to School image

Clockwise : L – R: Go Green Lunch Box RRP AUD$69.95, Yumbox Panino, Unicorn , Skip Hop Lightning Forget Me Not Backpack and lunch bag AUD$67.46 ( on sale), Jansport Blue Topaz/Go Bananas backpack RRP AUD$49.95, Penny Scallan Sports/Library bag RRP AUD$29.95, Smiggle fun hard top  pencil case AUD RRP $17.95, Bright Star Kids small name labels from AUD$14.95, and Pelikan 24 colour Water colour set RRP AUD$38.95

NB: – This is not a sponsored post.