Back to the future

It is a very exciting, sad and nervous year for our little household, as our eldest son starts school. I am not quite sure where the last 6 years has gone and how my little baby is suddenly ready for big school! Where does time go when you have children? It seems to go so slowly B.C ( before children), but once you have children, it zooms along at break neck speed and you just want it to slow down, slow right down, so you can enjoy and remember those cherished moments with them.

I want to hold him tight and not let him go and I definitely don’t want him to grow up. But we cannot stop time, and as a parent, we must give them all the right tools to shape them and help them to grow and become their own person. So they can go out in to the world and be the best they can be. Letting them choose the adventure they want to take and supporting them along the way.

School is the start of all the big things that can happen to a person, it can shape them and mold them for the rest of their life.  As I reflect back over the last 6 years of watching him grow from a beautiful happy baby, into a beautiful happy boy, I am looking to his future and wondering what it may hold.

I thought so I could remember this moment, that I would write down what I hope for him and I thought I would share this with you, as you may also have a child who starts school this year or be going through similar emotions whatever age your child  may be:

I hope:

1. I hope that if he gets disappointed because a friend doesn’t want to play with him, that he picks himself up and finds another person to befriend. Seek out happiness if all you can find is sadness.

2. I hope that if someone bullies him because of his hair colour or for another reason, that he turns the other cheek and walks away. Be brave, as tomorrow is a new day.

3. I hope that he will make some amazing friends that he will have for life. Friends can come and go in life but they will always leave an imprint on your soul.

4. I hope that he will grow into a person that can think for himself, stand up for his opinions and rights but not judge others on theirs. We do not need any more judgement in this world.

5. I  hope that he will always find beauty and hope in the world. Because sometimes it can be the only thing that gets you through the day. Search for beauty in all that surrounds you.

6. I hope he will always be the kind natured, loving, beautiful soul that he is now and he will always look out for others in need and treat them with gentleness and love. Strength through kindness.

I had a friend asked me once “What do you want your son to be when he grows up?”, I immediately said whatever he wishes to, whether that be an artist, musician, lawyer, teacher, I didn’t mind as long as he follows his dreams. She argued that you need money in life and it can be hard to get by without it. She was a lawyer and wanted her son to be in a similar profession. Dreams don’t buy houses and food. I had to agree with her there, but that is with my adult head on and with my dreamer head on, I just hope my son finds joy and happiness in life.  Whatever that may be or whoever he may become.

Be brave, be strong and be happy, my little man.