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As part of a new series on my blog, “Blog me happy” I wanted to share with you my lovely readers, some of my favourites bloggers and give you a little insight into their lives, passions and their inspirations.

I am really excited about this new series and I cannot wait to inspire you as you get to know these hardworking, wonderful bloggers from around the world.

Why “Blog me happy” you ask? Mainly because blogging makes me happy, it makes these bloggers happy and finding new amazing blogs makes me happy. So it is just a big happiness blogger fest!

Blog me happy! 

Welcoming my very first blogger to my new series, Lauren from Teacher Types:  

Lauren - teacher types

Lauren is a teacher by day and blogger by night, well actually she is also a mother and a lover of dance and a whiz at computers! I am always inspired by her creativity and her ability to showcase some amazing educational activities from babies to preschoolers.

So please show her some love over at Teacher Types and let’s find out more about what inspires Lauren to blog!

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Q1. For myself as a blogger I believe to continue with all those long hours and late nights blogging,  you have to be passionate about your subject. What ignited your passion to start Teacher Types back in 2014?

I hadn’t given it too much thought before hand honestly – I didn’t really research it much (see my answer to Q7 as I’ll elaborate). I decided that I wanted a more productive hobby to keep me busy when Miss M was napping and in the evenings instead of watching too much TV. The blog is a combination of so many interests; early learning and teaching, photography, social media and above all, a way to share my knowledge and experience with others. It’s evolved over time and I still really enjoy it. If I’ve got free time (which isn’t often) – blogging is what I would choose to do!

Q2. I loved reading your blog post about how you became a teacher, what do you think you have learnt from being a teacher that has helped you as a parent? Any top tips you can share?

Oh good question Lizzie! I guess it’s given me a really good understanding of a child’s development (I studied Early Childhood Education which ranges from birth-8 years so both my little ones fit into that category!). I have a general knowledge of milestones and at what ages children should be doing certain things. I have lots of activity ideas (obviously – that’s what my blog is all about).

Becoming a parent is still a shock though! You may be able to control a room of 5 year olds, but not a toddler mid-tantrum!

Clothes w Labels

Q3. What are your favourite activities that you like to teach your Year 1 class? Have you used these at home with your own children?

In the classroom I always strive for a combination between hands on activities, play based learning and structured lessons (pencil on paper type tasks). Some favourites that stick out in my mind was our daily alphabet treasure baskets (linked in with the Jolly Phonics program), small group maths rotations, and free choice painting!

alphabet basket edited Painting 02 edited

Q4. If you hadn’t become a teacher, what other dream job do you think you would be doing? Definitely not computer programming!

Tough one… No definitely not an office job! I would struggle in a job where the day dragged.

Hmmm, you’ve stumped me Lizzie! Maybe an interior designer/decorator – I love arranging pretty things on shelves! Or a writer, which I guess in a weird way I’m already doing via my blog.

Q5. You are currently on maternity leave with your 5 month old baby boy, how are you finding juggling blogging, freelance writing and being a mama to 2 children?

It’s so hard!! I was not prepared… Unfortunately something always has to come last and that’s the blog. Thankfully Miss M goes to child care 2 days a week which allows me to catch my breath, spend precious time just with my boy, and work on the blog when he’s asleep. On the days when I have both kids, Miss M and I pack lots of activities into our day for me to photograph for future blog posts.

Play Space

Q6. What toys do your children keep coming back to, time and time again?

Play dough is always a winner with Miss M. She also loves her favourite dolly and teddy. Her mud kitchen was also a favourite before winter really set in. Oh and drawing is also an obsession (followed by folding the paper and putting it into an envelope). The Little Man has his favourite teething toys at the moment.

Beach ocean play dough

Q7. What are three helpful tips you have to a blogger who is just starting out?

Start up with WordPress instead of Blogger (LOL!) WordPress is like where all the cool kids hang out, and Blogger is like where people start off thinking “I’ll just blog for a hobby”… and then be like “whoops I actually want to do something with my blog and make it look pretty and add in all these cool plug ins and maybe make some income and be an actual real life blogger”. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done in Blogger, from what I hear WordPress is way better. It can also be daunting paying for anything upfront when you start a blog (such as your own domain name so that you are www – dot – blahblahblah – dot – com which makes you look more professional.)

I’d consider taking a blogging ecourse as well, because then you can set it up well right from the start. Join lots of Facebook groups for help and advice (usually quicker to ask in a group than googling something these days).

And one final piece of advice, is be authentic. It really comes across in your writing.

Q8. How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

A day started no earlier than 7am, followed by a coffee of course.

Sunday is family time, so I would have play time with Miss M at home while the Little Man has his morning nap, and then off on a family outing around lunch time, somewhere that we all love like Semaphore Beach  – a chance for us to have a yummy lunch + more coffee and the chance for Miss M to have a play. Then home again to chill on our various devices and a chance for Miss M to rest. Finished up with takeaway dinner delivered to my door, kids both in bed and asleep by 7pm and an evening spent on my blog and chatting on social media.

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So there you have it, a little insight into the life of blogger Lauren from Teacher Types! I hope you enjoyed the feature and stay tuned for next week’s “Blog me happy”.

Disclosure:- there is no compensation for this feature, just lots of love from one blogger to another.