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Apologies for the lack of “Blog me Happy” last week but this week we are back with a look at one utterly inspiring and brilliant blogger behind the brand, Siobhan Rennie from MeOhMy.

I have followed Siobhan and loved reading her blog for more than a year now and what  I like the most is that Shiv likes to keep it real. She doesn’t make parenting all pretty and sugar coated. She tells it like it is but without being judgmental. Many of her blog articles about anxietybreastfeeding, and making the hard decision to go back to work have resonated with myself and so many other mums in Australia and around the world.

She has chosen a wonderful tribe of blog contributors to the “MeOhMy” fold over the past year and has nurtured a gorgeous supportive Instagram and blog community who cheer her and other mums on, supporting each other and sharing kindness rather than opinions.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Siobhan and her gorgeous kids a few times now and they are one of the most down to earth, beautiful and loving families you will get the chance to know.

I am super excited then to share with you my “Blog me Happy” feature on the utterly clever, gorgeous and talented Siobhan from “MeOhMy” and get to know this wonderful “Mummy blogger” a little more.

Siobhan Rennie

Q1. For myself, as a blogger I believe to continue with all those long hours and late nights’ blogging, you have to be passionate about your subject. What ignited your passion to start “MeOhMy” back in 2014? Did you think you would gain such a gorgeous following and community when you began?

For me, it was all about keeping my brain occupied after having a baby. I had a bit of an identity crisis after giving up my PR job to be a stay at home mum. My job had always been a big part of who I was, and my passion. So, I channelled that into writing about how I was feeling and what I was going through. And then so many mums who were feeling the same way really connected with what I was writing. I never set out for it to grow so big or become a ‘thing’, I definitely never aimed to be a big ‘blogger’.

I’m so happy with where it’s gotten to, and all the possibilities. My passion remains connecting with other mums and talking about the emotional side of this rollercoaster we call motherhood, and really helping them realise they’re not alone. It’s definitely not about getting followers!

Shiv, Harry and Aoife

Q2. You are an incredibly talented woman, a freelance writer, journalist, media and PR guru, an accomplished and successful blogger and mama to two babes under 17 months, I love that you keep it real on your Instagram and blog and you aren’t afraid to let us in on your real world. I know from your feed you don’t like the “busy badge” moniker and yet I am sure you are incredibly busy. What are the 5 things that you couldn’t live without on a daily basis (apart from the hubby and kids, they are a given) that keeps you vaguely sane?

Yes, life is crazy busy. Insanely so. And I wish it wasn’t the case! I’d love to just have oodles of time to soak up the moments with my babes. But, that said, I am someone that likes to stay busy and have something going on outside of the kids. So I wouldn’t trade it. I am a bit particular about what I take on though, so I can attempt to have a good balance.

  1. Coffee! Long black all the way.
  2. My Mac and ‘Notes’ on my phone, so I can jot down ideas as they come to me (usually when I’m in the middle of wrangling the kids!)
  3. In particular, Kit Kat. I have a huge addiction. However, I’ve been known to have a green smoothie followed by a few bars of Kit Kat, because balance 🙂
  4. Some form of exercise, when I can. I don’t do as much as I used to, but love doing laps, walking with the kids, or doing a little body weight or yoga workout at home when the kids are napping.
  5. The kids’ lunchtime nap…one day I will have to get rid of this (and that day could be very soon for Harry!) and god knows when I’ll get all my work and tidying and cooking and washing done!Shiv and kids

Q3. You happened to fall into blogging after having kids (like many of us), and your blog started as a journey chronicling your “Manager to mummy” status, how do you think it has evolved since 2014 and where do you see “MeOhMy” in 5 years’ time?

Like I said, at the start it was all about my transition and the transition of other mums who had gone through similar experiences. Since then we’ve grown into what I like to think is a ‘one stop shop’ for all things mum life and style. I have a team of contributors who write about the mummy stuff, the emotions that go along with this gig – but also fashion, health, wellness, interiors, lifestyle etc.

In 5 years I would hope that the blog is self sufficient without me, employing a few people to cover a load of different topics and do large collaborations with brands, but still remaining true to our original purpose. I want it to be an all-encompassing resource for mums and their ‘go-to’.

Shiv and Harry

Q4. I know you have had issues with people judging your parenting choices and not being particularly nice on social media and your blog, although women and mothers should stick together, why do you think woman can be so horrible to other women?

To be honest, I’ve only had a few so I think I’ve gotten off lightly so far compared with some other bloggers! I have no idea why women can be so judgmental of other mums. It’s something that really astounds me. I think a lot of it comes from ignorance, and also it’s somewhat innate for women to ‘gossip’. But when it grows into judgement, there’s no place for it. This is something I’m passionate about promoting, and you’ll find it all through my Instagram feed.

Shiv and Aoife

Q5. What toys do your children keep coming back to, time and time again?

For Harry, it’s anything Avengers themed! We have ALL the characters, and he has to go to bed with every single one (and all of their parts) every night. It drives me INSANE haha.

For Aoife, anything that she’s not meant to chew – i.e the TV unit, the chairs, cords, bookshelves etc. She’s into chewing everything at the moment and toys just don’t cut it for her!

Both of our babes love their Kippins. I think they’re brilliant, such a good idea.

Harry and avengers

Q6. What are three helpful tips you have to a blogger who is just starting out?

Stay true to why you started

Don’t get hung up on the numbers, it takes time to grow a truly organic following

Don’t compare yourself to others – it’s true what they say, comparison is the thief of joy!

Q7. How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

It would probably be pretty simple…

A nice, easy, no stress morning getting everyone out of the door.

A walk along the beachfront with my whole crew, coffee in hand and the sun shining.

Breakfast at our fave brekkie spot.

A cosy afternoon in, maybe a nice dinner all together early evening.

Curled up on the sofa with my hubby when the kids are in bed, red wine in hand.

(oh, and a massage or a nap in there somewhere would be lovely as well)

Shiv and kids - North Head

Make sure you take a read of Siobhan’s inspiring blog posts or be sure to follow her on Instagram, if you aren’t already.

Blog: MeOhMy

Instagram: meohmymum

Disclosure: there is no compensation for this feature, just lots of love from one blogger to another.


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