Christmas Gift Guides – Threenager

Some fabulous gift ideas for your threenager ahem, three year old! They seem to grow up so quickly these days and here are some fun gifts to educate and entertain.

KGT Xmas gift guide age 3

  1. Kip and Co Rawaan Art Series Beanbag LIMITED EDITION $139.00
  2. Ikonic Toys Wooden race track $95.00
  3. Nobodinoz Icecream corner – Babyssimo
  4. Sparrow and B Costumery Unicorn cape – Finlee and Me $84.95
  5. Two Little Ducklings with Vines of the Wild Flash cards  $25.00
  6. Rock and Pebble H Block  – Wild and Whimsical Things $63.95
  7. Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg – Booktopia $21.75
  8. Bleeba Animal Box Jungle $200.00
  9. Amayadeemee Pillow Doll “Wild Rabbit” $84.12
  10. Janod Magentic Submarine Smitten for the Wee Generation $28.00
  11. Egg and Yolk wooden camera with interchangeable lenses $65.00
  12. Marble Sounding Tree- Finlee and Me $99.95
  13. Inkibabinki Santa tee $17.50
  14. Roxy Marj Ragamuffin Pendant flag $38.00
  15. Donkey Train Tape – Finlee and Me $21.95

NB:- these prices do not include shipping and note all currencies have been converted to Australian dollars for ease of reference. Stores have been chosen due to stock availability this close to Christmas.