Christmas Gift Guide – Toddlers

Oh those important “Toddler Years”, when they start to walk, move, climb walls and tables, and generally keep themselves and you busy, oh so busy!

Here are some gorgeous gifts to keep them entertained which makes Mama, one happy woman.
KGT Xmas gift guide age 2

  1. Mother Garden Macaroon Set – Petite Jolie Kids $24.95
  2. T- Lab Pole Pole – Penguin – Growing Footprints $21.95
  3.  Brio Wooden Kitchen Stove/Sink Set – Kido Store $219.95
  4. Areaware ABC blocks $70.00
  5. Sketch Inc Kokeshi Doll “Spaceman” – Growing Footprints $59.95
  6. Wooden Story Round Stacker  Shak Shuka $62.00
  7. Zilvi Unicorn Wooden Hanger  $25.00
  8.  Oekaki House & Cat – Shak Shuka $114.00
  9. Bloomingville Intelligence Box – Leo And Bella $99.00
  10.  Mint Rhapsody Mini Attic’s  in Royal $155.00
  11. The Timba Trend wooden iphone $20.00
  12. Milton Ashby Speedster $45.00
  13. These Little Treasures – Mini Friend Lola Doll Christmas Reindeer $117.00
  14. Nor- Folk Wonder Years Tee – Arrows and Paper Crowns $45.00
  15. These Little Treasures – Mini Friend Lenny Doll Reindeer $117.00

NB:- these prices do not include shipping and note all currencies have been converted to Australian dollars for ease of reference. Stores have been chosen due to stock availability this close to Christmas.