Dollhouse makeovers

This week we decided to embark up on a little renovation mission with our Lille Huset dollhouse from Wild and Whimsical Things. We met Adrian who runs this brilliant online store via the utterly brilliant small biz course we are doing with Business School for Mums.

What I love about Adrian is the way she has selected toys in her store which are based around a child’s development. For each toy on her website she then has a list of skills the child will grow and develop from, when the child plays with the toy. Similar to how I write my “Toy of the month” where I look at the skills and development in terms of gross and fine motor skills etc for a toy, Adrian does the same and I love it! As a parent it is so helpful to be armed with this knowledge when choosing a toy or gift for a child, friend or niece/nephew.  She has definitely set herself apart from other online toy stores with this fab information and not to mention her toy selection is the bomb! Rock and Pebble, Maileg, Milton Ashby, Omy Design and Play, Lille Huset, Numero 74, ahh need i say more…


Adrian very kindly sent us a Lille Huset Logan dollhouse kit to build and play with as it is one of the toys she loves in her store for it’s fun, versatility, eco-friendly materials and its creativity.  The fact it helps with thinking & problem solving skills, fine motor skills, emotional and communication skills is an added bonus!

It doesn’t take long at all to build the dollhouse with your children as it is all made out of sturdy recycled cardboard and comes pre cut so you just need to pop the pieces out and build.  It makes for a super fun project for a weekend or rainy day. We have added to our house interiors and decorations over the last few months and this week we decided to go all “Renovation Rumble” on it and give the rooms a few makeovers.

I have long admired  Chloe from Uberkid as well as Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys and their ability to not only dream up but implement the most stunning kids rooms. So taking their recent move to the dark side for their children’s bedrooms I decided to do my take on it,  but for our dollhouse ( I work better in minatures!)

Logan_House_lille_huset_wild_and_whimsical_things_before_renovationsBefore painting the bedroom blackLogan_House_lille_huset__room_makeover_wild_and_whimsical_things_rsRoom makeover- getting our black on!

I even added a little book shelf which was leftover from the dollhouse and painted it and glued it to the wall. I did find after painting the wall that the cardboard bent slightly, so I just bent it back the other way and it corrected itself.

I also love blackboard/chalkboards in kids rooms and I thought I might add some of these to our room makeovers. We also turned one of the rooms into a mini icecream parlour as we had a visit from our local ice cream truck this week.


What do you think? I hope you like the results and thank you again to Adrian for allowing us to have so much fun in decorating and redecorating our Logan dollhouse.

For some of the best in wooden, eco- friendly and gorgeous toys, check out Wild and Whimsical Things, you will fall in love just as we have.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.