Gus Makes Three

Today, I have decided on a new name for my boys, they are no longer Jasper and Hudson but rather the… “Café kids”!! Yes, I have to admit, it may be partly my addiction, ahem, obsession with coffee that has made me make a beeline for a café, when I am out and about with the boys.

Last week, we went to have a look at the Bahai temple, a place we travel past daily which is a house of worship for the Bahai faith. As we came outside, Jasper asks “So where is the café mama?” “ Ahh Jasper, it’s the equivalent of a church here, there is no café!”

Oh dear what have I created….

Actually I think I should blame Sydney, or even Australia, the “Babyccino” country of the world!

My kids had never heard of them in Germany and neither had the Germans, “Heiss Schokolade” or “Hot chocolates” but not “Babyccinos”.  In London, when we asked for one a few years ago, Jasper was actually given a baby cappuccino, yes, they actually put coffee in a small espresso cup for him! To be fair the waiter was very young, Spanish and was probably like hey what the heck, these crazy foreigners feeding coffee to their babies!? Fine, I will make them what they ask!

It seems upon arriving back in Sydney, every café you go sells them and all the kids are drinking them, with of course, marshmallows on the side, sometimes a tiny teddy biscuit and chocolate sprinkled on top or sprinkles!

And well of course, for their birthday’s this year as they both love their babyccinos, I asked the wonderfully talented Gus Makes Three to do a little custom order.  The beautiful Jess, is a mother of 3 based in Victoria, Australia,  an avid support small enthusiast she lovingly makes cuddle cushions with the cutest hand painted designs like a baby’s milk bottle, or a mobile phone, or even a latte bottle. As my kids are no longer babies, I asked her to custom make two “Babyccino” softies for my 2 “Cafe Kids”!


As Hudson loves his marshmallows, there are 2 marshmallows on the back with a spoon. As Jasper dislikes marshmallows, the back of his softie just has a spoon for stirring!

The boys bring down their softies when we have “ccino’s” at home and we even took them out for an afternoon tea outside the other day !

Ccino lightDSC_0415IMG_9561IMG_9381 resize

For more details on this gorgeous handmade brand, please check out Gus Makes Three.

NB:- this is not a sponsored post.