Happy Go Ducky

I love finding gorgeous new stores especially those selling toys! They are my fave, of course being a toy blogger and even better when the store has a beautiful collection of toys that will last a lifetime. Happy Go Ducky toys is just that, a stunning curated store of Czech made toys.

Established in 2015 by Amy and Vojta after a “babymoon” trip to his native Czech Republic, they decided to bring back the best of the best to Australia to ensure that their baby would grow up with handcrafted toys that would stand the test of time and still be around in years to come.

There are wooden toys, crochet toys and even tin toys! Many of these brands we may not have heard of yet in Australia but some have a history going back since the last century! So many have classic designs that we know and love like the quacking pull along duck. And don’t get me started on the amazing wooden toys from Ceeda Cavity and Wood for Kids.

With the environment at the forefront of their toy selection, Amy and Votja have sourced toys that are eco friendly, non toxic and that use sustainably sourced timber. Many are still family run businesses which mean you know where your money is going, back to the family that produce them. There is nothing that they haven’t thought!

I picked a few of my fave toys from their store to show you just how fab these toys are but honestly if you are after a gorgeously crafted, wonderfully designed toy that is built to last then you need to check out Happy Go Ducky. Christmas is coming peeps!

For more details go to  Happy Go Ducky but get in quick as a lot of their best sellers sell out fast.

Happy go ducky xmas tree collage

Disclosure : this is not a sponsored post.