How to Catch a Star – book inspired craft

Last week the boys and I decided to take on Early Learning 101‘s book challenge and create some children’s book inspired craft.

One of our favourite authors ever is Oliver Jeffers and we decided as we had lots of paper towel tubes that need recycling we would instead re-use these as rocket ships for “How to Catch a Star”.

Book cover- how to catch a star rs

It was a pretty easy activity as you all you needed to do was paint the cardboard tubes to resemble a rocket ship.

Book inspired craft - how to catch a star resize

I used washi tape to leave an area for the chequered white section but what I would recommend is doing 2 strips of washi tape over the area rather than one on top and one on the  bottom ( picture below) which didn’t work for us. We had to repaint the area once the washi  had been removed.

Book inspired craft - how to catch a star 2 rs

Master J then wanted to add some gold rocket jets to make our rocket ships a little different. We had some sparkly gold cardboard so he started designing the jets and cutting them out. We ended up cutting 8  out per rocket as we wanted to see the sparkly gold on each side as you played with the rocket ship.

We were then stuck with how to make the point of the rocket. We cut out a circle and then cut it in half but only half way. This created a little cone but it just didn’t look quite right. Our KGT’s in house engineer aka Daddy then got stuck into it and cut out a cone shape and added 3 tabs to stick them down inside the rocket. Perfecto, we had a rocket! 
Book inspired craft - how to catch a star 3 rsDisclosure: this is not a sponsored post.