In the news

Welcome to “In the news”!

I am super proud of this page as it is where I share with you some of my other guest blog posts and interviews, where my writing has been featured in some beautiful and inspiring blogs and websites.

Check them out if you would love to know a bit more about me and my boys! I will update this page regularly, so please do take a look!

Lizzie Wall, Founder of Kids Gifts and Toys and Mother of Two Boys, January 2016 : an interview with the divine Amelie from the gorgeous shop Tiny Frenchy  about being a mother, blogging, some of my favourite things and much more. Take a little read if you want to get to know me a little more.

Lizzie and Hudson

“A brave new world”, April 2016 : a guest blog I wrote on parenting for the gorgeous blog and shop Organic Mama, it is a beautiful blog all about parenting, mum life, fashion, beauty, health and expat life.


Travelling with Babes, July 2016 :  a guest blog for one of my best blogger friends Paula from Jetsetting Kids. Travelling is a HUGE passion of mine and just because we have children, doesn’t mean we can’t travel right?!

Family holiday portrait - Wales

Business School for Mums, July 2016: business insights and helpful tips from the fab business course I have been completing this year.
Great shot by Jasper

Captain + Co – Guest Contributor, July 2016. My first post I wrote for Captain and Co is all about Old Fashioned Fun.

Hello, Wonderful, Guest Contributor,  September 2016. My first post for my fave ever blog was all about the best of the best, Top 10 Building Blocks.


Wolf + Friends, Guest Contributor, November 2016. This was a follow up to an original feature on my site about fidget tools, How to shop for a fidget toy.


Stay tuned for more guest blogging soon.  Watch this space…