Grids, monochrome, stripes and geometric design, all of this gorgeousness encapsulates the work of  Inkibabinki. A fellow mama and lover of all things handmade, Indri is a beautiful mama based in Melbourne, who I discovered through our mutual love of monochrome.

Indri produces stunning cushions, softies, onesies and t-shirts. All created with this utterly perfect geometric design. They are timeless, classic design pieces that won’t fade with trends. You can mix things up a bit like I do and add some pops of colour to your kids room to soften the look.  With a quality to match, I have been blown away every time we buy a product from Indri.

And let’s face it, I am obsessed with grid and she makes the most stunning grid pear and apple cushions!

I have been lusting after her Grid pear cushion for months now. I will admit it, my obsession with grid has taken over and after seeing stunning images from all over the world of the grid pear being featured in kids rooms and more I was all ready to purchase one.

Hudson and I went on a cheeky little visit to the ahhh-mazing Design Twins store in Sydney last week. Completely not in our ‘hood at all, but I just had to visit their new store and be bathed in the beauty of all their curated pieces. Seriously, if you are in Sydney, you must go and check it out. Plus, the little Precinct 75 where it is located, is utterly fabulous. It reminded me a lot of East London. Just remember to bring your credit cards!

So after a little browse around the store and chatting with the divine Crystal, I was about to buy the grid Pear cushion. I had it in my hot little hands, when, shock horror, for me anyways, I was even more blown away with the boldness of the monochrome striped Pear cushion! With some guidance from the gorgeous Crystal and a big thumbs up from Hudson, I went against type and bought the striped pear cushion. It looks so good, words cannot describe and each cushion is so well made. Of course, I am still lusting after the grid but that is an obsession I cannot control!


We have added the pear to our gorgeous icecream softie also from Inkibabinki. Both boys adore the icecream softie and sleep with it every night.

I can’t wait to add more to our collection of  Inkibabinki over the coming years. Huge congrats Indri on producing such stunning, heirloom pieces that work well matched with pops of colour or sitting perfectly with monochrome.

Check out more of her designs at Inkibabinki.

NB:- this is not a sponsored post.

DSC_0708DSC_0757 DSC_0733

Other handmade and locally designed products featured are:

Photo 1:

Pax and Hart Crying Minnie print

Down to the Woods black wire basket

Photo 2:

Light blue vintage wooden chair,

Lego storage bricks – Limited edition “Design collection”. Unavailable in Australia as far as I am aware due to shipping costs.

Photos 3-5:

Fromage La Rue Lightning bolt marquee light

Luna and the Boy icecream wall flag

Kroom “Fold my car” icecream truck

Kaisercraft script Wooden “Dream”

I Love Linen Cloud Mon Ami pillowcase

Pax and Hart with Salt City Emporium Lion cushion ( peeking through in the back) – limited edition, no longer available.

Inkibabinki icecream softie

Inkibabinki striped pear cushion

Minimel” Panda softie. Stockists in Australia include Little Miss Elisa and in the USA, you can buy them from Tiny Frenchy.

Minimal Bed linen/ doona cover from Hay design with Scholten & Baijings.