The Offbits

As you know from reading this blog, I adore Kickstarter and crowd funding sites that help to provide financial support as well as a strong community to help people realise their dreams.

I am also always intrigued and fascinated by new toys and new concepts, one such company doing just that are “The Offbits”, a super cool open source toy in the form of robots! Based out of Tel Aviv, this is their second Kickstarter campaign aimed at making their little robot creations more accessible to all.


Based around 4 bots exiled from their home, “Planet Bot” after a malfunction caused them to show too much creativity, they have landed on earth for us earthlings to have fun with and create. They are also super cute!!


As part of their Kickstarter campaign, you get a kit of spare parts and an instruction manual to build one of 9 robot designs. However, the beauty is that because it is open source, much like Lego you create and design your own robot with the only limitations being your imagination! By registering a unique adoption code on their website, this connects you to other like-minded “Offbit” designers who use the platform to share their designs in a collaborative community of robot creatives.


What started as an idea as a child, the creator, Roy Barazani, has taken this his love of pulling apart toys as a child and creating new ones to the next level, in “The Offbits“. Originally designed with unused and unloved bits, screws and things you might find in an old tool box and taken to the next level having upcycled, painted and transformed these offbits into tiny robotic creations. You can build and design your little robot and then find offshoots and things around the house to add to your creation, to make it a unique one of kind toy. As they so eloquently put it “OFFBITS are endlessly re-designable, extendable and customizable, and only you can make them YOUR way!”


Aimed at ages 8+ this is like an advanced version of Lego, for those kids who need more of a challenge and who want to think outside the box.

What they have added to this Kickstarter campaign to get those creative juices flowing, is to add extension kits and vehicle extensions to turn your robots into cars! They have already reached their goal of $15,000 and with only 8 days left of their Kickstarter campaign, they are working on reaching their stretch goals.


So go and check out “The Offbits” kickstarter campaign, to pledge and allow some creative, open source toys to be let loose in this world!


NB:- this is not a sponsored post.