Kids Activities – Valentines Day 2017

Ahh Lovers Day around the world, may love and happiness unite!! We don’t celebrate it all that much as I think everyday should be the day you say “I love you” to your loved ones. But it is still nice to think about your loved ones on Valentines day and how much they mean to you.

We made a little heart shaped dream catcher out of our Kwik Stix to celebrate Lovers day but also to help capture any bad dreams that my boys are having, which of late seems to be quite a few!

I am sure their new heart dream catcher will work at treat at  night and it looks so pretty during the day.

Happy V day lovers!

Lizzie x

Product details: Organic family of wooden peg dolls by Goose Grease. Available in Australia via Noc Noc Wooden toys and book In my Heart by Jo Witek and available from Booktopia.

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored or paid post.