Lil Baddits – ethically gourmet!

Lil Baddits is a gorgeous new babywear range that is launching this month in Australia and seriously this baby wear is just divine!! I will be honest it may make me secretly want a third baby!

Lil Baddits babywear is designed in Australia with hand drawn watercolour prints and made ethically in India using G.O.T.S certified organic cotton and non toxic dyes. It is made of THE softest organic cotton you have touched, seriously AS soft as the baby’s bottoms they are going in!

I was very fortunate to meet the amazing designer and business woman behind Lil Baddits last month and was blown away by Sylvia’s enthusiasm and passion for her brand and her desire for ethical and eco friendly production.

Sylvia has a long background in fashion but after the birth of her son found that she couldn’t find anything playful or fun to dress him in and so ventured out into that brave new world and designed her own. She has even hand painted the amazing prints that you see on the clothing.


Her first capsule range is all about food, Lil Gourmets features pickles, sardines and baked beans. It is a fun and fresh take on fashion for babies and maybe an amusing look at fussy eaters?


In chatting to Sylvia she highlighted some pretty horrifying details about the fashion industry that I was not aware of, like do you know that literally e v e r y single item of clothing that comes out of factories in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey and India are in a  s i n g l e  plastic bag. They don’t bundle them in sizes or colours instead E V E R Y single one is wrapped individually.

Clothing is also sprayed with chemicals like urea formaldehyde resin before being wrapped in plastic (anyone else always think of Twin Peaks?) Why the chemical spray you ask? To help prevent cotton/poly blends from wrinkling and to reduce mildew.  I assume that relates to it being transported on ships? I could be wrong. Australia seems to have very little regulations in comparison to the EU for instance, in what chemicals are allowed in and on textiles.

Experts suggest that you need to wash clothes twice and hang outside to dry before you even consider wearing it. The chemicals in clothing can cause skin allergies and irritations. We always look at what toxins we are ingesting but in fact, it is through the skin that toxins are the most dangerous.

If you want to read more about this issue via Choice, click here.


So after reading all of that (are you still with me?) how awesome is the cardboard packaging that Sylvia has chosen for her range, free from adding any more plastic bags to the environment. Yay a win for the consumer!!

There are also no chemical sprays with only organic cotton used and the clothing is ethically produced in a small family factory in India where no sprays are added before packaging_dsc0346                                                      Image courtesy of Lil Baddits

The way Sylvia from Lil Baddits has developed her company from start to finish, is the way ALL new clothing companies need to go; to stop the fast fashion, to stop adding toxins to the environment, and to provide fair and just working conditions for factory workers.

I hope more companies follow suit and I am so excited for what is in store for Lil Baddits. I predict a bright and happy future in kids fashion!

Check out the gorgeous new Lil Gourmets range of ethically considered clothing which launches this month, links are listed below.

Lil Baddits


img_6128                                                         Image courtesy of Lil Baddits

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post. We received the clothing for photographic purposes only and they were returned to Lil Baddits after the shoot. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.