Making it happen! 

It is that time of year again, the new year has started and I like to reflect back on the past year and its achievements, adventures, successes and tribulations. Importantly, I like to also look to the year ahead and the hope and dreams of a new year.  I tend not to write to many new year’s resolutions as the old, “lose weight”, “eat less”, “exercise more” gets a little tired and usually I succeed for the first few weeks and then, it gets forgotten…

This year, instead is going to be different and I am already on track to make it an awe-inspiring year!

Lizzie - 2016

I am completing my first course in business with the Business School for Mums and we had our first session last night which was energising and uplifting. It brought a lot of renewed hope and a desire to make things happen! I can’t wait to see what it will bring but more importantly what I will bring to it.

I need to make things happen, whether it’s my blog’s success, a new business venture, working from home, time for myself, family holidays with my children, time with my kids. Whatever or wherever I want to be in 5- 10 years’ time, it is only I that can make that happen.  I don’t want to eat my words come December 2016 and I feel that if I write them down and blog about them, then I WILL, CAN and MUST make things happen. So I will keep you posted along the way and I hope I can help you to make this the BEST year yet!

And then I look to a new year and a school year and what that brings, my eldest goes into Year 1 this year. A year ago, I was devastated to have my baby go to school for the first time. But after reading a few things lately, I realised I shouldn’t be sad. I should be happy and honoured to be a part of my children’s adventures. To watch them grow up and develop and become their own individual and person, it is a beautiful and blessed thing. I should count my lucky stars and not lament it. He is excited to be going into Year 1 and I should be excited with him and for him.

Jasper - rock that wall 190116

I only have 2 years left before my youngest starts school, I have been so lucky to have had so much time with but working 2 days a week last year was exactly what I needed. I will continue to do that this year too.

He loves preschool and he needed the social interaction that it brings. He is a rather independent little man and his preschool is completely geared towards supporting & teaching them to become independent little beings. To make their own decisions about what they want to play with that day, resolve any conflicts without help from adults, but most importantly to learn through play. He thrives and it is a joy to see him in such a happy environment.

H - new year

I have come to realise for myself as a mother that our role as parents isn’t really as a protector; of course we want to do this as it is in our nature. I really think though it is to teach our children to understand their own capabilities, talents and weaknesses and use these to handle situations and challenges, life presents them.  It is to watch them grow and succeed but not hold their hand doing so. It is to allow them to make mistakes and to learn from them. We are not around forever, so we must teach them that they can succeed in love, life, business and be able to do this using their heart, brain and their own two feet.

So there are lots of new and inspiring journeys for the year ahead here in our little household and I hope that you too are looking ahead to a new year filled with adventure, success and dreams fulfilled.

Chat soon peeps and thanks for the read xx