Meet the Maker – Dinoraw

Following on from my post last month about the fabulous new Australian brand Dinoraw, I wanted to get to know the maker behind the brand, Sarah Kermode.

I love that this Sarah, mother of 2 sons, Jack and Ted is now producing gorgeous dinosaur prints and I will be honest, I think they are THE best out there for any Dino loving child. With a retro vibe, classically playful yet educational for kids, these prints are just ahhmazing!

So let’s find out more about her inspirations, aspirations and how she goes about perfecting her dino drawings.

Meet the MakerSarah Kermode aka Dinoraw!

Dino raw, I adore the name and would you ever have guessed a few years ago that you would now be illustrating dinosaurs and learning all their names and features? How else has mum life changed you?

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have a business of illustrating dinosaurs but I have always loved to draw…

Since having my two precious boys you learn to put them before anything else, being a mum has taught me to be totally selfless and I wouldn’t have it any other way, every day they surprise you with their amazing little ways and now that they are both at school I have a little more time to focus on my business..


How does the drawing process start for you? Does your son ask you to draw an Herrarasaurus and you go to a book or google and check what it looks like and draw it? Or do you do your own research now and find fab new dinosaurs to draw and hone your talent?

The boys are constantly asking me to draw many things not just dinosaurs, we often draw all together and they both are very artistic…I love their drawings. When we have our little drawing sessions is usually when I start doing rough sketches of my dinosaurs and then they start to evolve when I get time…usually at night when they are tucked up in bed asleep.

Many hours go into each illustration before the final design is completed, I start with grey lead, then fine ink work and the most challenging for me is the colour ways. I love colour and can never seem to have enough of it, so narrowing it down to a selected few is a difficult process for me. I eventually get there through many drafts using crayon and marker.

I know you have a creative background but have you always drawn?

I have always drawn it was mine main strength through all my schooling along with sewing…I was always creating fashion illustrations of clothes that I wanted which led me into fashion design.


As your boys grow up and find new passions, do you think you will move with their passion or is your passion now dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs have become my passion as I really love how many little dinosaur lovers adore my work, it’s so rewarding to have such a loyal following. However my 7 nearly 8 year old Jack would love me to start drawing dragons…so maybe they will be an addition to Dino Raw?


When you aren’t illustrating dinosaurs, what else inspires you?

Fashion Design & kids interiors are a big favourite of mine, I don’t get much time to sew these days but I am forever updating my boys room & I have so much fun creating new spaces for them…they love it too!!

I have my own little style but love seeing the amazing talents of others that also have a passion for illustrating and interior design.

I adore your kids interior design, you definitely have a talent there, how easy has it been with a  VM background to translate that into kids interior styling?

Visual Merchandising has taught me an incredible’s about the balance of products and creating a flow line so that visually it is appealing to the customer. I absolutely love styling my Dino Raw images and it does come easily as I have had so much experience, although my walls are starting to look a little like a pin cushion from hanging so many prints for photo shoots!

Where do you see Dino Raw in 5 years time?

Dino Raw is an ongoing collection so I will continue to illustrate for all the little Dino fans out there. I would love to extend the collection to older boys with some more fierce creations, yet still using my love of colour & pattern as I think that is how my dinosaurs are so different..

For any women in business just starting out and in particular in the world of kids, do you have any words of wisdom in terms of social media or marketing?

Words of wisdom would be to never give up and follow your dreams…I know it sounds cliche but hard work does pay off & stay true to your own creativity.

I also think your children’s opinions are so valuable, if you are creating for children then they are the best judge, I honestly don’t go ahead with some of my designs if the boys think it’s a definite “no no”.

Instagram has been an amazing platform for me, so many wonderfully talented and supportive people like you!


Lastly, what 5 things ( apart from your kids and hubby) could you not live without on a daily basis?

Oh 5 things I couldn’t live without daily:

1) Coffee

2) Chats with my mum

3) Chats with other mums

4) My work

5) Wine


A huge thanks to Sarah for her time and for sharing with us, her passion and the reason behind Dinoraw. I can only see exciting opportunities and collaborations for Dinoraw going forward, this is one kids brand to watch!