Midcentury Americana – Candylab Toys are back with a bang!

Oh yes Candylab Toys are back with another ahhmazing Kickstarter campaign this year! These guys seriously blow me away! Their company has been completely crowd funded through Kickstarter over the last 3 years and the wooden cars that they have produced are pretty darn phenomenal. Yep that is a big word, but it is rightly deserved, because these guys are kicking it and their wooden toys rock!

We have cars ( 5 cars, a camper and 2 surfboards) from their past 2 Kickstarter campaigns and my boys think they are the bomb. These cars are played with so often and so much, they are loved, raced, played with before bed time, and they may actually even sleep with them!

Candylab toys line up rs

They even ask their Dad to draw copies of them so they can colour them in ( Vlad, another kickstarter reward perhaps, a Candylab Toys colouring in book!)

But this Kickstarter campaign is different, why, you ask? They have upped the campaign massively, and this is what excites me the most. They are bringing the production offshore and back to the USA. I remember asking Vlad last year about offshore manufacturing and although he had wanted to keep it on USA turf, he couldn’t find a way of doing it profitably (hey the guys have to live) nor did he find many people who were actually manufacturing wooden toys in the US who could help.

The Ace

The Pioneer

The Blackjack

What a difference 2 Kickstarter campaigns make! Candylab Toys have found the most amazing mentor and support in Pete from Uncle Goose Toys, a iconic US wooden toy brand that has been around for years. Uncle Goose make the most divine heirloom blocks, all sustainably sourced and all proudly made in the USA. They now have one of the best mentors in the business!

As a result they have now added stacking wooden modular block set, mid century inspired naturally  with the help of Uncle Goose. These will  be exclusive to Kickstarter and will not be available for retail just yet.

Stac 6

Stac 10

Their Kickstarter campaign needed $50k to realise their dream of producing another collection of amazing toys but also to bring production to a warehouse they have found 3 hours out of Brooklyn.  With 24 days remaining they have raised over $85k and reached their goal in less than 7 days!

Candylab - kickstarter 3

The reason their Kickstarter campaigns are so phenononmenally successful you ask? They are producing some of the most stylish, awesome and down right cool wooden cars on the market. As a toy blogger, I haven’t seen anything else of late that comes close. Plus they are innovative; adding campers, wooden block sets and new designs each campaign.

Oh and one other BIG thing, they care. They care about production, about quality,  about the environment, about local jobs and they never lost sight of their original vision; to produce awesome wooden cars right in their homeland. It may have taken 3 years and a lot of hard work, determination and spirit, but they are now on the home stretch.

Well done Vlad and team!

You can still support their brilliant campaign to bring wooden toy production back to the US, check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

Disclosure : this is not sponsored, just a whole lot of love for a young start up company producing brilliant wooden toys and never losing sight of their dreams!