Mint Rhapsody – gorgeous kids decor

One of my favourite Australian brands over the last year and one I put on my “one to watch” for 2015 is Mint Rhapsody.

Sam and Laura, a husband and wife team based in Victoria, Australia, they have their finger on the pulse and are pulling out some seriously stunning pieces of kids decor and toys.

Started in 2014, they have gone from strength to strength, after the release of their amazing acrylic doll houses, the first being a neon attic house which literally transformed the traditional doll  house into a modern design wonder. Even better, all pieces are designed and made in Australia.

Summer 14 neon attic house Photo by Renata @curatedby

Perfectly unisex, it allowed parents to rethink their ideas that dollhouses were only for girls and alongside the fabulous Rock and Pebble wooden pear, apple and elephant houses, it has broadened parent’s horizon and crossed traditional boundaries. Not only that it has brought a piece of design heaven into kids rooms and our homes.

mini attic royalPhoto by Sarah @theinstashopper

Mini attics - minibotsPhoto @minibots

Not only have they redesigned the dollhouse, but they have taken their ingenuity to decor as well. Redesigning the shadow box in neon acrylic and creating their brilliant take on the shelfie!

I have become rather obsessed with their shelfies and I have popped them in both the kids room and play room. They look just perfect and hold an array of books, prints, toys and more. I love that you can see through them and it doesn’t hide away the colourful nature of the books or toys on display.  They also brought out a longer version late last year which look brilliant.
Mint_ Rhapsody_ shelfie_Mint_rhapsody_shelfie_oliver_jeffersMint_Rhapsody_shelfiePhotos by Kids Gifts and Toys

I am not sure what Mint Rhapsody have in store for this year, however I know that whatever Sam and Laura put their minds and hands to will be sheer acrylic magic in the world of kids decor, like all their designs!

mint rhapsody - dinosaur shelfie Photos by Kids Gifts and Toys

NB:- This is not a sponsored post.