Misha & Puff

Well after a glorious Summer like week of weather last week, this week we have had gale force winds, rain and a big drop in temperatures. It feels like Winter again and I am wanting to keep all warm and cosy. I am blaming myself of course as the day I put away all our winter heaters, winter came back with a vengeance! But I digress as always, as all we want to hear about are these super gorgeous timeless knits by the fabulous Misha and Puff.  They are oh so perfect for this colder change in temps.

Designed by Anna Wallack in the US, each knit is ethically hand made in Peru. Here the women are given opportunities to support their families through working from home or at a knitting centre that provides meals and childcare.

All hand knitted from soft merino wool or alpaca with traditional Peruvian techniques with details of pompoms, and popcorn and zig zag design. I adore the classic styles of their FW15 collection and the timeless pieces you can hand down to the next generation.  Each knitter takes great pride in the pieces she chooses to knit and you will find her name on the hang tag. How brilliant is that!

So for staying warm for those Northern Hemi peeps over Winter, or dealing with the seasonal changes in Australia, this ethical, handmade knitwear from Misha and Puff is utterly divine.


misha_puff_0911    misha_puff_0782