Pirate party fun!

This year we celebrated Master H’s 4th Birthday in true pirate style at his ye Captain’s request!!

It was such a gorgeous morning celebrating his special day and the kids had fun eating their way through the food table as well as going on a little treasure hunt.

Pirate party tableKids Gifts and Toys - pirate party - pirate cup cakesDip island

Before the party, H and I made a proper pirate treasure map with coffee and tea stains galore and we used that for our treasure hunt. We also collected over a number of weeks, empty toilet rolls which we painted black and popped some aluminium foil over each end. These were our pirate telescopes!

Kids Gifts and Toys - pirate party - treasure hunt props 2Kids Gifts and Toys - pirate party - treasure mapPirate telescopes

On the party day, I rounded up the pirate party crew and told them a few stories before our first activity which was making them walk the plank! They each had to walk the plank and as a reward they each received their special pirate telescope, which they would need to look for the treasure.

Telling storiesWalking the plank

For the next activity, they each had to pick a “cannon ball” aka balloon out of the pirate sack and pop it to try and find whose cannon ball had the key in it!  The popping of the balloon was harder than I thought as the balloons I had bought, were quite tricky to pop. Plus by putting a key inside a balloon, that particular balloon was deflated which I found out when I reached it last in my sack! A bit of a party fail but the kids still had fun popping balloons.

So with the key now found for the treasure chest, the pirate crew could go a-treasure- hunting!


We had the party in a park by the water and earlier, one of the adults had hidden the treasure box by the sand near some reeds, exactly where a pirate crew might leave their treasure.

The kids had a ball trying to find where the treasure was located and once they did each child received a pirate treasure bag which had a pirate eye patch, small retractable telescope, gold coins and jewellery inside! All bought from the local dollar shop and cost less than $4 to create for each person. Before the party we had painted an X on the bags to add to the pirate theme/

After the treasure hunt it was time for food, play and then the cake!

The cake was picked by Master H and luckily he chose the treasure chest cake instead of the pirate ship cake – phew!! To make it, I baked 2 slab chocolate cakes.  I then put icing between them and icing on top and along the sides. We measured up some cardboard, wrapped it with foil and decorated around the edges with icing for the lid. Then it was the fun part, adding lots of lollies, edible bracelets, freckles and treasure galore! My favourite part of the cake was making the golden coins which I did by painting Oreo’s using edible gold paint.

The kids and adults devoured the cake as you can imagine.

Kids Gifts and Toys - pirate party - treasure chest cakeTreasure chest cake sparklersOh what a very fun party we had and our little pirates went away with bellies full of cake and treasure hunt adventures in their hearts! 
Kids Gifts and Toys - pirate party - pirate watermelon swords DSC_3613

Inspiration via Pinterest, please see my Kids Birthday Party Ideas page for more ideas.