Hello my lovely readers,

HUGE apologies I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. It has been so utterly crazy here in the KGT household mainly due to us all being sick, one after the other and then twice over that I have had no time to do well much at all, accept take care of the family! I remember thinking when our eldest used to get sick all the time as a baby, wow, they don’t tell you that in books!! They don’t tell you how often children get sick and that you and your husband will more than likely catch the illness too and pass it around and then usually your child then gets a 2nd illness and it starts over again. So that has been us for the past 3 weeks with cold, coughs, croup, colds, croup and coughs. On top of that I have been  organising a belated 3rd birthday party for Hudson because somewhere before we fell sick, I thought that would be a good idea, 2 weeks after moving to our new place!

Boy, I really need to think about things more sometimes and not over commit to too many things.

The past few weeks has made me realise that I have been burning the candle at both ends too much, getting on average 5 hours of sleep a night for the past 9 months and it has taken its toll.  My body on top of a virus caught from the boys, said enough was enough. So although I have missed Instagram dearly,  I went off my social media channels and took time to recuperate and look after the boys.

My hubby has also been away with work, so it was just myself and the boys the past few weeks. It has been nice to switch off and focus on getting better. It has made me reflect on the past year and realise that perhaps I seem to over commit or never say “no” to anyone. Yes, I will volunteer to help out at school, or to work an extra shift at the cafe I work at part time.  I need to learn to think about what I am committing to and sometimes, just sometimes, say “no”. I don’t like to disappoint people, which is part of my problem. I need to learn to put myself first. Something, which most of us mama’s find very hard to do! Rarely, do we put ourselves first, more than likely 3rd or 4th after the kids, hubby and immediate family. But sometimes, we need to learn to listen to our body and take things just that little bit easier. 

I find that moving back to Sydney, has equaled living at break neck pace. I am constantly driving somewhere, being Mama’s taxi service, rushing from work to school or running errands.  Generally I find  I am quite literally, just running from one activity to another, not quite connecting, not always present but “there”. I need to take more time to stop, reflect and immerse myself into the present.  Be in the now, especially for my children.

I found that in Germany we had more of a life work balance, here in Sydney it is more of a work life balance. Or no balance at all! So I am hoping to change that going forward and that should be easier now we have moved house and I have acknowledged that things needs to change. There is no miracle ball but in acknowledging that perhaps I need to be more efficient, more organised with my time, things will slowly get back to a more balanced family life.  Fingers crossed!

All this has meant that the blog unfortunately had to be put to the side for the last 3 weeks, the first time I have done that since we moved from Germany last year, as I just had no energy to stay up late and concentrate on my writing. I tend to write my blog 5-6 nights a week from 9pm- 12pm as that is the only time I find now to research and write.

I feel terrible as I know I have let a few people down as a result. You know how you are and for that I am HUGELY sorry! But we are all on the mend and I am now starting to get back into it all, albeit still with a crazy bad barking cough.

So a HUGE thank you for sticking with me and checking in on me via Instagram. You guys are truly wonderful and I feel blessed to have you in my life. If there is one thing I have learnt, we need to put ourselves first, sometimes, in our busy lives. So, maybe today is the day you do that for YOU!

Big hugs, Lizzie xx