Seriously, the best milestone baby cards!

There are some absolutely brilliant new baby milestones cards that launched this month, Seriously Milestones, an Australian based company set up by mama Issy Kerr. All cards have been designed and produced here and showcase “real parenting moments”.

They are a humorous take on the gorgeous cutesy baby milestone cards that you see a lot on Instagram of late and I have to say I adore them! With and $1 from every box set being given to Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) donation, I think these are a brilliant and fun gift idea for any expecting mum.

my first poo Seriously milestone cards last night i woke upAfter I posted these cards on my Instagram account last week, an insta friend and artist Ali aka “44 spoons” commented that they need to make mum milestone cards! I thought that was a brilliant idea ( thanks Ali) and came up with a few on my comments section and I have thought up a few more the last few days.

  1. The first time I went to the toilet on my own.
  2. My eldest child started school today and I went straight to the pub to celebrate.
  3. The first time I cooked 1 meal for dinner for the WHOLE family. ( contribution by 44 spoons)
  4. My child went to the bathroom today and I didn’t need to help them wipe their bottom.
  5. My children went to bed tonight on their own without any assistance.
  6. I washed my hair today and blow dried it too.
  7. I ate a proper meal today instead of my kids leftovers.
  8. I slept in my own bed last night, with no children.
  9. I enjoyed a coffee today that was still hot!
  10. My house stayed clean for more than ten minute.

I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Did I get them right or can you think of any more?

Check out these stores if you would love to purchase some Seriously Milestone cards, My Messy Room, Jack and Willow and Wilt and Joe or direct with the ever lovely Issy at Seriously Milestones.

RRP $29.95

Disclosure : this is not a sponsored post nor have I been gifted any cards in return for this feature.