Reaching the highest of heights in wooden toys!

As a toy blogger I see a lot of kids toys as you can imagine, but the ones I am always drawn to are ones that will last generations, ones that our children can enjoy, but also their children. In this very consumerist society, it can be easy to give your children toys upon toys upon plastic toys. But the ones that they will remember won’t be the plastic ones that break or run out of battery, but those that provide them with hours of imagination and wonder. The ones that are sturdy, robust and built to last, which is why I tend towards wooden toys. Aesthetically from a parent’s perspective they are beautiful to look at which is important as you will be seeing it daily,  but from a consumerist perspective, they are also ones that you know will survive the rough and tumble of children. They won’t be thrown in the bin because they no longer work!

An Australian brand that I have long admired whose exquisite design sets their brand apart, their dedication for local production and their ability to create beautiful products that both the adults love to have in their home and the kids want to play with are, Such Great Heights.

Ryan and Jo, are a husband and wife team based in South Australia who started their business in 2012 after having children and being uninspired by the toys around them.

Santa bought our kids one of their awesome play tents ( that convert to a clothes rack) for Christmas 2014 and we have been in love with their products ever since. They added to their repertoire in 2015 with a fashion collection in collaboration with Australian and International designers . Ok I admit it, I may have also bought a sneaky clutch, totes not kid related, which was part of their Laura Blythman collaboration.

Such great heights play tent

They have gone from strength to strength in their business over the last 4 years but what I loved about them the most was last year when they set sail by ship to NYC to discover new business opportunities but mainly to give their children a sense of adventure and travel. An experience that their children will never forget and if like me when I travelled Europe for 2 months in a camper van at age 6 with my family, it will most likely shape them for years to come.

As you can see I have a serious love affair with Such Great Heights, that has only become stronger this month as they go back to their roots and  bring us the most stunning, heirloom toys you have seen in a long time. The Nostalgia Collection, a 5 piece collection of wooden toys. Seriously, it’s the bomb and almost making me clucky again for another babe!


The line up includes, The Florence dolls cot, The Gretel dolls high chair, The George Truck, Humpty and Roger rattlesnake. All beautifully designed in a way that draws us back to toys of yesteryear. The George Truck reminds me of a large wooden lorry that my late older brother had as a child and now my children play with it, like he did many years ago.


They haven’t been designed with new trends or fads in mind and there is no paint that can be chipped off the wood. Instead, these are paired back designs, that bring out the beauty of the wood and design as one.


Most importantly and something I truly love about Ryan and Jo and their business principles are that the toys are all made traditionally by hand in a community based workshop on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.


Not only are they made in Australia and keeping jobs here but they are seriously affordable pieces for the quality of workmanship and the fact the production has been kept onshore. That is no mean feat these days. People are happy to spend a little more on a piece if they know it will last the generations but with the high chair at $99.00, the George Truck at $89.00, Rattlesnake with a tail that rattles at $22.50, divine dolls cot at $119.00 and Humpty at $49.00, there is something in this collection for everybody. 

They have also added a little customisation to some of the pieces with their use of the cotton rope. The rope has been used to add strength to each design but they have also cleverly added an option to paint the rope in different colour ways.

I adore these wooden toys, they are exactly what I imagine  when I think of heirloom quality and design led toys. With their classic designs, they will be adored by the children of today but most importantly for generations to come.

We definitely have the George Truck on the Christmas list for the kids this year!

The Nostalgia Collection is available exclusively at Such Great Heights.


NB: this is not a sponsored post.