Superhero Party time!

It was J’s 6th Birthday last week and he of course wanted a party and this year it was “Superheroes”! After receiving the directive (ahem) from my nearly 6 year old, I of course had a lot of fun pinning the many many Superhero parties that are on Pinterest, to get some inspiration and ideas for the party.

I decided on colour combination of yellow, blue, red, white, and black and below are some of the party preparations. I was fortunate enough to have the always brilliant Jacinta from Two Little Ducklings design our invitations, water bottle labels and Superhero completion certificate/thank you card. I asked her to model it from Captain + Co’s bat mask. They looked fantastic!

Unfortunately due to the storms in Sydney, we didn’t get to use the bat bunting or mask from Captain + Co as they didn’t reach us in time. I was so devastated!!

Two little ducklings2

Party preps

colour combos

Goodie bags


We have had some terrible rain and storms here in Sydney the last few weeks, so I was particularly grateful I had booked a Community Hall when Sunday presented itself with more rain and clouds.

Food table

Cake topper
We had 23 kids to entertain over 2 hours and here is how it happened:

Activity 1) Make your own mask – we started off with making a Superhero mask to start off the party. This was fairly successful although I would make some changes to it, if we did it again. We did a “no sew” mask as I can’t sew! To start off with each child picked a mask prototype and their favourite colour felt. We then asked them to draw around the paper prototype and then we or a parent did the cutting out. I had then bought some sticky stars in different colours for them to decorate their masks. After that hubby punched a hole and then using eyelet pliers, put in eyelets on each side so we could then add the elastic. I had pre-cut the elastic and bought 6 metres but I should have bought 8 metres. And we should have bought another set of pliers and  hole punch as it did cause a slight bottle neck but the kids just around and played whilst their mask’s were being finished.

Make your own maskSuperhero masks

Activity 2: Superhero training obstacle course: we had set up an obstacle course using: a) zig zag through the football cones b) crawling tunnel c) a wooden beam d) avoid the silly spray from the villains e) Hulk Wall, f) hula hoops and finally g) the “Hero Punch”.

We originally had 3 activities the” Hulk Wall”, “Spray a villain” and “Hero Punch” as separate activities, but we decided to incorporate these into the obstacle training at the last minute. In hindsight, it meant the entire activity was over far too quickly, leaving spare time in the middle of the party.   I should at the very minimum, have had the “Hero Punch” as the final activity after the cake, but more on that later.

We had Jasper demonstrate the obstacle course so that everyone knew what to do and then watched as the kids went through their “Superhero training” . Some kids were a little scared of the silly spray so they partnered up with a friend if they didn’t want to do the training alone.

Obstacle course2Obstacle course

Hulk wall

Superhero chatHero punch
prize timeYay

After the all Superheroes had completed their training, they had a food and fuel break to replenish their energy and fighting powers. They had Wonder Dogs, Kapow Fruit Kebabs, Bat cakes, Pow Popcorn and Super power food ( ie vegetable sticks, cherry tomatoes and hummus).

Wonder dogs

08After refuelling, the kids ran around playing, flying, and kicking the hulk boxes! I remembered at that point that I had completely forgotten about an activity I had planned weeks back, “Pin the logo on the Superhero cape”. I had actually made a black Batman silhouette out of cardboard and cut out all the logos. I had the logos at the party but not the cutout so instead we used my hubby’s Superhero cape and hung it up, found something to cover the children’s eyes and hey presto, Activity 3!

hulksuperheroes2After handing out prizes for the Pin the logo, it was time for cake. I had THE most awesome cake topper from my darling friend Zilvi , which took all attention away from the fact I should have turned the cake around slightly, so you couldn’t see my EPIC icing fail. So instead concentrate your eyes on the STUNNING cake topper. It looked just beyond awesome and I have to say that at least the cake and icing was delicious.


Inside cakeAs part of the “Hero Punch” the kids received their party favour which was a Superhero cape and a certificate confirming their  Superhero status and lollies. I should have done the Hero Punch after the cake to allow the kids to receive their favours at the end of the party, as is normal. But they had fun running around in their capes for the party and felt like Superheroes with them on and that is what we aimed for, lots of Superhero fun!!

I must also thank my friend, the always exceptional and utterly brilliant photography Sina from Petite Etoile she captured the party with such perfection and awesomeness that I think perhaps her other name is Wonder Woman!

Until next time…

Bday boy

Party details:

Party Photography from Petite Etoile

Prep Photography by Kids Gifts and Toys

Cake topper- Zilvi

Invitations and party stationery – Two Little Ducklings

Capes – Oliver and May

Bunting and bat mask – Captain + Co 

The Superman and Batman prints were gifted to us as a Christmas present.